If you’ve stopped by the Mercantile, you’ll see Caitlin’s master work in action. She’s Beekman’s Visual Merchandiser who takes Brent’s vision for the store and puts it into action. Caitlin is like 5 other Team Beekman members, a NYC transplant. She also works closely with our makers/artisans on developing pieces for all our Neighbors.

What are your top 5 Beekman products?

Triple Milk Collection: It is my goal to have flawless, glowing skin and this whole skin care line exceeds my expectations in every way! I have fair skin and this line does not irritate it at all. I love knowing that the Triple Milk Peel is getting off all that old dead skin leaving my skin ready to take on the day! And the packaging! I leave it sitting out in my bathroom for all to see. Not only does it work but it looks good too.

Goat Milk Lip Balm in Wondermint and Pure Goat Milk-I have one in every bag and pocket!

Mini Serving Bowls in 14K Gold- I adore these mini serving bowls by Jasmine Crowe. Not only are they great for entertaining at holiday parties, I split them up and set them on my nightstand and kitchen sink for all my rings.

Garlic Olive Oil-My husband and I use this in every dish we cook.

Lavender Creamed Honey- I am usually running around trying to keep up with Brent’s creative design ideas (he has so many!) so at night I need something to wind down. I add a spoonful of lavender honey to my bedtime tea. Also tastes great on english muffins in the morning!

What is your favorite scent that Beekman carries? 

I usually prefer a more masculine or sultry scent. Oak Moss and White Water. And the Fir Forest Candle for holiday. I want my whole house to smell like a Christmas Tree!

What is your favorite packaging? 

Our Vegetable Garden Candle labels are super fun and cheery (and they smell great- I love Dirt) For beauty Triple Milk and Vanilla Absolute.

What Beekman gift would you like to gift to someone this year? To whom?

I would love to gift my mom the Hooked Baby Goat Sachets class with Artisan Elizabeth Miller. My mom lives near Pittsburgh so it would be a perfect weekend for her to spend time with me and share this experience. We both then would have our Baby Goat Sachets to take home and remind us of the fun weekend we had together.

What Beekman gift would you like to get this year?

My husband and I just bought a new house so my mind is all about decorating and entertaining. (I can get into a lot of trouble with all of the beautiful artisan and home items at Beekman) If I have to narrow it down, The Gaffer’s Tantalus by Artisan Bobby Sharp or the Family Style Pasta Bowl and Serving Bowl. All timeless pieces that can work into any decor and last for year’s to come.


by Aray Till

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Lori Jemison

I am hoping to make a trip to Beekman farms next year and the mercantile, hope to be able to get there soon, we love all your products and items we have ordered through the site and through Evine!

Alice Mickiewicz

You totally missed my name
I cannot spend any more and I don’t have enough for my old folks at the centers

Maureen Malone

The Olive Oil would be a terrific item to win. I use the oil in my airfryer all the time and it is wonderful. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all…

Susan Hebda

I would love to try the garlic-infused olive oil – sounds delicious on crusty baguettes!

Pamela Miller

Probably will try the lavender honey. I enjoy trying new honey varieties from all over – U.S. and other countries.

Eileen McKenney

I just love the mini serving bowls by Jasmine Crowe. They caught my eye when I was shopping for Christmas gifts and, silly me, I left without buying this little something for myself.

Bonnie Cooley

I have so many soaps,lotions,lip, cuticle ,caddies. I have given just as many away too. I would love to try the milk peel. My granddaughter loves soaps too, so the oatmeal and honey for her.

Kris Coghlan

Goat milk lip balm is a product I would like to try. Use lip balm every day and this innovative product sounds great.

Robbie Murray

I won #10 in your giveaway. I sent my address as a private message on Beekman 1802 Mercantile page.

Margaret K. Macali

Would love to receive and gift the garlic infused olive oil, the lavender creamed honey and the vegetable garden candle collection. My “own Beekman mercantile” is already packed with the wonderful skin care products.

Missy Gensimore

Why have I never noticed the Vegetable Garden Candle Collection, I really want that.

Chris Sweet

My favorites are cinnamon and ginger honey, All the Blaak Drizzles, the jellies of antique fruits are a great stocking stuffer for my children, the heirloom bark is always under the christmas tree, and lastly the snow forest soap! Thank s to the Boys for all they do! Merry Christmas!

susan miller vetalena

Ohhhhh Lavender HONEY Ohhhhhhh, I so love honey. MMMM a gift for giving, My Giuseppe who has a passion for cooking (2nd place in a Florence Italy for his riso recipe), I think the mini serving bowl set or the garlic infused olive oil might be appropriate. I also thought about the apron for him. For now he will bask in your body lotion and oak moss bar soap, his family your lip balm, facial wipes and a variety of bar soap. Their reviews of your products will arrive after Feb 8th and I will request a special Photo. Possibly Giuseppes favorite prepared dish with the presents surrounding.

I love any scent with grapefruit, vanilla, love the sweet grass. I have noticed a great improvement in my cuticles and hands with your hand products. Now working on my neck and forehead wrinkles with your body cream , eyes with your eye cream. I posted a recent photo of myself and I have got to tell you, I do not look my age (a tad over 60). THANK YOU

Linda Rice

Hi y’all! I do believe that y’all have outdone yourselves with this year’s marathon! Fun was had by all! I especially love watching you interact with each other! There is definitely love there! And all your workers have the best attitude! It is so nice to have someone be kind to you during a transaction! Y’all probably won’t see this for a couple of days or three (I know I would be sleeping as long as possible after this) but know that you two are my favorite people on this earth! Congratulations on the success of Beekman 1802! I wish you many, many more years of happiness and success! Merry Christmas!

Renee squires

Would really love to try the Triple Milk Collection “ I’ve never tried a peel before and love all your products. They make me feel special and pampered. Thank you neighbor for giving me a chance to win. Your Mississippi neighbor.

Teresa Helms

I have become a Beekman convert. Every product I have tried is a miracle for me. I will never be without my Beekman products. Keep up the good work guys.

Yvette Terplak

Wish the drawings didn’t have to be done through Facebook….although I can read all of your FB posts I am not a member. I know others who feel the same.

Yvette Terplak

Met Caitlin when I took the needle felting workshop on December 1st. (which by the way was so much fun and informative) She
Caitlin told us a bit about the inspirations for decor and the follow-up. so nice to speak with as are all of your staff at the Mercantile.

Pam K

I have gifted different items with 5 family members and friends this season, introducing them to your wonderful products. Thank you for bringing us simple beauty, real quality and love for nature.

kim k

Thank you so much for your beautiful spirit and natural products. I love gifting Beekman products. Merry Christmas to you and all of the beautiful neighbors.

Beth Mullins

Isn’t it amazing, what you have created with Beekman 1802?! You’ve made the world a better place. Thank you! Merry Christmas and may 2018 treat you well.

Amanda N. Volstorff

I love you guys and everyone that works with you “behind the scene (scientical and beauty ritual!)” and your whole company is a BREATHE OF FRESH AIR!!!!!
I going you both on Amazing Race and have been rooting for you just like a piglet rooting for something tasty to gobble up!!!
I have had such a bad streak in my own life the has permanently damaged my autoimmune system, my thoracic spinal cord and my left lung to be so scarred that it’s no longer useable.
Enough about me, I just wanted to say that you bring back the “fondness feeling” from when I was little around Christmas (even though my actual Birthday is on December 17th) I lost the way and with all your products and people that give them so much joy (all my nurses and the people that need to take care of me; I just enjoy seeing the gladness on their faces from what they got from me from you!!!) I’m sure that you get that same good feeling inside (just about a million times stronger to all the customers and neighbors that you’ve helped!!!!)
My only wish is that I was t in medical disability, otherwise the Deer 17” hanging wreath or any of the others ( they are what I’m missing when my last original “Elf on a Shelf” decided to, no by his request; but to become the “new toy” for own little blind, diabetic rescued chihuahua; Lil Man!!!! I wish I could have been able to purchase any of your wreaths (especially the deer or any other one!!!) That would truly make my year, that and the animal cookie stand with the GOAT on top, TOO CUTE!!!!!
If you can see it in your heart to maybe part with whatever, because I truly passionately LOVE all your MADE IN THE USA 🇺🇸 items but these were just out of my reach to purchase them myself.
Thank you again for all the hustle and bustle with your 24hour camera, good times, GOOD TIMES!!!!
I’ll hopefully be out of the hospital on Tuesday, December 19th to actually come to New York City and staying until December 27th, I just need all the blessings and prayers I can get my hands on!!! If I do make it I hope to make to trip up to Sharon Springs and visit the merchantile and hopefully actually see you even if it’s only in passing!!!!!
You’ve made a legacy and a legend that will carry the Beekman Brotheres name for more and more centuries to come and have enjoy and change their lives the way you so delicately and unknowingly have done for me and all that I introduce your products to myself!!!!

Blessings and a Happy Christmas and a Great Breeding Sesssion!!!!!!


Nonie M Ryan

Dear Santa-I’ve been a very good girl and I would love to have a Beekman 1802 gift under my tree for Christmas🎄
Thank you

patrick walsh

)Just wanted to say how much you guys have done for me. When you had your show it was my go to place when things got hard. It also helped me change the way I live life. How I look at the land and environment. I’ve worked the soil, bought chickens and of course had bought your first cookbook. Last year around latter part of May I became sick. I was out of work on medical leave knowing how serious the condition was. It took til December to have a complete diagnosis of Graves Disease. I was watching your show on tv and wedding show which helped keep depression at bay. I work as a mental health practioner for Leech Lake Tribe of Ojibwe 30 miles from my home in Turtle River Mn. I had wanted to get our Cultural advisor your new book, but will get that for her next year. She taught me the importance of community which Ojibwe teachings stress. When your book came out I was so excited. So, hopefully I can get her a copy and myself as well. I just wanted to thank you guys and the mercantile staff for your great and compassionate work. All I want as a gift is a healthy New Year and you guys to keep doing what you’re doing. Happy Winter Solstice! Patrick

Barbara Cavanagh

Hi, Caitlin’s Holiday picks are wonderful! I would choose the lip balm for my son. He works on a river boat and a dolphin tour boat and is exposed to the sun and wind daily. I use them and you get creamy lips without being sticky or waxy. Great protection for soft, not dry, lips! Fun marathon, it’s the first one I’ve seen.

Angela Cestaro

I enjoy sharing all your products with my family and friends for special occasions. I especially enjoy finding the hand washes at all my family’s guests bathrooms that I gifted .I am a waitress and plan on giving a variety of Beekman product to all my co workers for Christmas because it is amazing and want to spread the word . Thanks Bret and Josh what you accomplished is out standing