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Be Kind to the Planet with TerraCycle®

TerraCycle® recycles the unrecyclable - items that typically aren't accepted by curbside recycling services. We’re proud to partner with them to give our Neighbors the opportunity to recycle empty Beekman 1802 products and packaging for free, and they guarantee to recycle all accepted waste sent to them. It's free and so easy – get started below! 

We’re Making a Measurable Impact

Since partnering with TerraCycle® in 2020, we’ve helped our neighbors recycle over 50,000 Beekman 1802 products (and counting). And with your help, just think of how many more bottles, jars, pumps, tubes – even face wipes! – we can recycle and save from landfills and incinerators. Enrollment limits apply.

How It Works

Step 1: Get started! Join the Beekman 1802 Free Recycling Program to request and print your free shipping label. 

Step 2: Collect for recycling! Gather all your empty Beekman 1802 products and place them in any box. Note: items do not need to be cleaned or washed.

Step 3: Send them off! Once your box is full, attach the shipping label to your box and send it off to TerraCycle® – they’ll take it from here.

Step 4: Repeat! Continue to recycle all your Beekman 1802 products with TerraCycle®.