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Our Guide to Cruelty Free

Our Guide to Cruelty Free

At the very essence of Beekman 1802 is the symbol of the goat. We were founded on goat milk soap and the benefits of goat milk in a whole-body beauty routine. Goat milk contains lactic acid, which has proven itself to be a superior skin-softening agent and a natural exfoliant that doesn’t set off alarm bells for irritation or dryness. It also has the same pH as human skin, meaning that your body absorbs goat milk (and the botanical ingredients we mix into it) fast and efficiently.  

So how is Beekman 1802 cruelty-free when we use goat milk in our products?  

Cruelty-free, for us, begins with the goats themselves. Our goat farmer, Farmer John, embodies kindness in the way that he treats our goats. He speaks with them in the afternoons, he hugs them, and he keeps them away from the stressors of noise and people. Having such happy goats ensures that we have a grade A herd. This is what makes “cruelty-free” most real to us, but our commitment to treating animals kindly through our production process reaches far beyond the goats. We make sure that anyone we source ingredients from is 100% aligned with our values and treats their animals the same way that Farmer John treats ours. Because we are a clean beauty company that is committed to using natural ingredients, we only use ingredients that we are confident will not harm animals nor humans and that have a great track record for healing rather than harming.  

Beyond our farm, cruelty-free means that testing on animals does not happen in any part of the production process and each ingredient sourced for our products is also not tested on animals. This is important to us as unfortunately, animal testing still happens in other parts of the beauty industry for cosmetics, causing suffering and death to rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, and mice (as well dogs and monkeys for products outside of the cosmetics industry). 

Many beauty brands want to introduce new, never-before-seen products and rely on animal testing to speed up the testing and production process. Some countries and provinces may even require animal testing before something can be tested on humans. And that just isn’t fair.  

There are thousands of ingredients that we already have known to be safe for use, and non-animal tests have been developed that can predict how humans will react to certain chemicals without animal cruelty needing to be involved. Becoming a conscious consumer and buying products that are certified cruelty-free is a crucial step in catalyzing change in the world so that this too-long-accepted mistreatment of animals no longer happens.  

If you want to move towards a completely cruelty-free routine, we suggest closely checking the labels of the products you buy for any ingredients that sound iffy (you can use the EWG app to help you learn more about harmful ingredients) and read up on the brands you are buying from. Make sure they are cruelty-free and that their production practices aren’t putting the earth or other humans at risk (if they don’t say anything about their practices and ingredients openly, think twice).   

Beekman 1802 is proudly Leaping Bunny certified – something to look out for in the brands that you buy from. The Leaping Bunny Logo was developed by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC) in response to the increasingly muddy definition across brands of ‘cruelty-free.’ This is an internationally recognized logo that sets the true standard of cruelty-free – no animal testing whatsoever throughout the pipeline of production. It's our mission to treat all living things with kindness. We never have or will test on animals and we only use ingredients from sources with the same cruelty-free practices.  

At Beekman 1802, we like to think of kindness as one of our superpowers. It’s at the core of our values as a team, as a brand, and it’s how we treat others. Animals included.  

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