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Close Up shot of Petri Dish with blue and purple ceramide round gel orbs inside, on a blue background to the right of the screen, with shadow behind the dish.
Petri Dish of blue and purple ceramide round gel orbs on a blue background, with shadow behind the dish.

Ceramide Skincare Products - Serum, Cleanser, Soap & Creams

These naturally-occurring fats support the skin barrier to help prevent moisture loss and environmental damage. Ceramides in skincare help boost hydration and strengthen the skin barrier for more a more youthful look. Beekman 1802 ceramide skin care products like the ceramide serum, soaps and moisturizers are cruelty free, fragrance free, deeply hydrates and is designed for sensitive skin. 

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Milk Drops Ceramide Serum on grey background
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Ceramide Serum

Milk Drops
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Pure Goat Milk Ceramide Hand Serum
65 reviews


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Beekman 1802's Best of the Batch Skincare Bestsellers Set, which shows the Milk Shake toner mist, bloom cream moisturizer, milk drops, golden booster and dream booster serum all lined up next to each other, on a white background.
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Skincare Bestsellers Set

Your Healthiest Skin Ever
62 reviews

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Beekman 1802's Mini Miracle Set which features 10 mini, travel-sized skincare products all grouped together on a gray background.
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Travel-Sized Skincare Set

Mini Miracle

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Beekman 1802 3 simple steps which Includes one Bloom Cream Daily Moisturizer (1.69 fl oz), Mini Milk Drops Ceramide Serum (0.5 fl oz), Milk Scrub Oat + Goat Milk Exfoliating Facial Cleanser Scrub (3 fl oz) and a FREE YELLOW striped Dopp Bag
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Skincare Routine Set

3 Simple Steps
49 reviews

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Set of Mushroom Milk Eye Cream, Vegan Goat Milk Cleanser, Milk Shake Toner Mist, Bloom Cream Moisturizer, Oh Mega Milk Facial Oil, Milk Drops Ceramide Serum, and Kindness Eye Patches.
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Skincare Set

Hydration Station

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Pure Goat Milk Body Serum Transparent Background
(3) Sizes available

Body Oil

Pure Goat Milk
236 reviews

from $13.30

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Ceramides FAQ

Benefits of Ceramides:

  • Strengthen and protect the skin barrier 
  • Ceramides help your skin hold onto all-important moisture
  • Help prevent germs from getting in by keeping the skin barrier tight and healthy 
  • Improve skin firmness and elasticity 
  • Keeps skin supple, bouncy and hydrated for a more youthful appearance

Types of Goat Milk Skin Care and Body Care Products That Contain Ceramides

Beekman 1802 has a variety of goat milk skincare and bodycare products that are enriched with ceramides for more nourished, healthy, radiant skin. 

  • Milk Drops Ceramide SerumThis highly concentrated, lightweight serum instantly hydrates with a nourishing blend of essential ceramides, squalane, hyaluronic acid, and plant enzymes that help to support and strengthen the skin barrier for your most radiant complexion. 

  • Pure Goat Milk Body SerumThis phyto-squalene and goat milk serum instantly gives skin a healthy-looking radiance that reduces the appearance of age spots, dark spots, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, aging skin

  • Ceramide Collection: This collection of skin-strengthening goat milk and ceramides features our ultra-hydrating whipped bodycream, bestselling bar soap, and facial wipes.

The Ceramide Skin Care Products You Need

Ceramides in skin care aren’t new, however they’re becoming more relevant as formulations are more effective–and people are loving the results. From a glowing complexion and supple skin to an enhanced skin barrier function, ceramide skin care products are responsible for treating a host of concerns. Try a ceramide serum, a ceramide cream, even a ceramide cleanser for a more youthful appearance.

What’s the Difference Between Ceramide Moisturizer and Ceramide Serum?

A ceramide moisturizer will oftentimes be thicker than a ceramide serum. However, these two products aren’t an “either or” situation: You can wear the two together. Our ceramide serum combines squalane, hyaluronic acid and ceramides for a deeply hydrating skincare step. Follow up with a ceramide moisturizer or ceramide cream and your skin barrier will thank you.

Our Ceramide Products Go Beyond the Face

Most of us are concerned with the skin on our face, but what about the skin on our body? Luckily, we have ceramides for skin enthusiasts that want to glow below the neck. Our ceramide body cream is a highly concentrated, long lasting ceramide moisturizer for the body that reduces the appearance of age spots, dark spots, stretch marks, and uneven skin tone.

Are Ceramides Good for Oily Skin?

Yes! Our ceramide products are designed to balance your complexion and replenish a healthy skin barrier that prevents moisture loss out of the skin. Ceramide products can be used to help control oily skin, clear pores, and balance discoloration.

Which Body Care Products Use Ceramides?

Moisture loving ceramides help support a healthy skin barrier, making them ideal for both skin and body care. When your skin needs a boost of hydration, reach for products like our Whipped Body Cream that melts into skin for a silky-smooth, never greasy finish.

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