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Embrace Your Skinversity

Embrace Your Skinversity

Why do skincare companies seem to care most about pointing out our skin problems? Why is the Beauty Industrial Complex so invested in making sure our complexion develops a complex? When was the last time you looked in the mirror and truly embraced the face looking back at you? 

We're here to shift the mindset so many of us have and have thought was okay to let consume us and our definition of beautiful.

It is our mission to put an end to skin-shaming, and we want your help. We want you to join us in celebrating what makes you, uniquely YOU, because you are your own standard of beauty. We want you to join us in embracing your Skinversity.

Any beauty company that makes you feel like your skin is a problem is the problem. You shouldn’t have to “shop by concern.” You aren’t a “before” photo chasing an “after.” Beauty companies who hire Influencers to show how to cover up your flaws are asking you to pay for your own bullying.

We don’t believe in “problem skin.” We believe that your skin is the wrapping paper on a gift called “you.” (And your attitude is the bow.) Show us someone with deep wrinkles on their brow and we’ll show you someone who cares deeply about the world around them. Stress zits are your “I Believe in Myself Enough to Tackle Anything” merit badges. And each scar on your body is proof that you passed one of life’s random Quality Control checks. Freckles are Morse code messages from your ancestors, and stretch marks are proof you don’t break easily. A birthmark is the universe bragging that it made a Special Edition. “Anti-aging” products are slow-motion soul suckers.

If your self-esteem lives in your yesterdays, your tomorrows can only get worse. There is no such thing as “problem skin.” There is, however, such thing as problem skincare. (Oh, and can we just banish the word “blemish?”) As long as you’ve got a healthy skincare routine, with clean ingredients, based on knowledge – not fear – your skin is gonna be great. No matter how it looks. Because it’s not how your skin looks to others that matters, it’s how your skin feels to you. And making your skin feel good is what makes us feel fantastic.

We’re gonna do our very best to end to skin-shaming. And it starts when you embrace your Skinversity.

xo Beekman 1802
Cultivate A Beautiful Life

Share with us how you're embracing your Skinversity by tagging a photo you feel your most beautiful in on Instagram with @beekman1802 and #EmbraceSkinversity. 

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