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Free Virtual Skin Analysis

Kickstart a love affair with your skin in a few easy steps. To start your free skin scanner just scan the QR code with your mobile device, snap a photo, and get your custom skin health analysis in 30 seconds. 

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Skin Biome








Dark Spots



How the Skin Analysis Works  

This tool will assess your skin’s attributes and Goatie, our sensitive skin expert, will curate a list of all the Beekman 1802 products for optimal skin health.

Woman situating her face in a circular area indicated to take a selfie and complete the first step of the Skin Biome Analysis

Step 1: take a selfie

  • Your selfie will be taken directly in the app, you can not upload an image.
  • You need good lighting, clean skin, neutral expression and eyes open.
Cell phone photo of woman receiving her personalized results of the Skin Biome Analysis, with numerical results of texture, wrinkles, dark spots,  redness, hydration and skin biome indicated in color-specific areas on her face

Step 2: review results

  • Review your scores on 6 different skin attributes.
  • Select the skin concern you would like to focus on and review your skin biome matrix and products tailored for your needs.
Cell phone screen view of personalized Beekman 1802 product recommendations as a result of the Skin Biome Analysis

Step 3: review products

  • Review your curated list of products and select the items your skin needs.

Ready For a Personalized Skin Analysis?

Get a custom skin analysis with our Skin Biome Personalized Assessment. Meaning, we’ll analyze your skin’s specific attributes like dark spots, texture, wrinkles, hydration, redness and more. From there, our sensitive skin expert will offer products for optimal skin health.

How to Use Our Face Analyzer

First, take a selfie. This will happen directly in the app (just scan the QR code!). You’ll need good lighting, clean skin, and a neutral expression. After the photo is submitted, you’ll get to review your results. And finally, you can see the products recommended for each concern and you get to decide which items your skin needs.

Use our Skin Scanner for Curated Products

How do we know which items are best for your skin? Because our skin scanner is programmed to detect the six biggest skin concerns (skin biome, wrinkles, texture, hydration, dark spots, redness). With that info, we can target each problem area with one of our specifically-formulated products–each featuring goat milk as the star ingredient.

Goat milk being poured, resulting in ripples and splashes against a white background

Start balancing your skin with goat milk

Goat milk is clinically proven to feed skin’s microbiome, giving you skin that’s balanced, smooth, hydrated and glowing.

Your Skin Biome Matrix

The higher the score, the more Goatie-approved your current skincare routine is! Don’t worry if your score is on the low side. A little more skin Kindness is just what the Goatie ordered.

Clinically Kind is the Beekman 1802 approach to skincare that's clinicallytested, scientifically proven. and mde for sensitive skin (and sensitive people). Effective clean formulations that work with your skin, not against it.