We love tangible, thoughtful gifts that tell someone how important they are to us. In a world that is tethered to technology as a way of communicating with one another, we find the need to send a card or a handwritten note, all that more important. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we want to help you send out a few Baby Goat Kisses and Sweet Valentine Wishes.

And for those of you with little ones in school, we made you a full sheet with 3 different designs you can print, cut, insert lollipop and send to school.

Step 1: Click on the image below

Step 2: Right click and select “save image as.” It will save to your selected folder in your computer

Step 3: Click on the image (where it saved on your computer)

Step 4: Send to print

Step 5: Enjoy! The full size cards were designed to fit in a 5″x7″ envelope

by Aray Till

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Aray Till is such an excellent writer. This blog post just proves that. The content in this article is perfect for my essays websites paper, and it’s great to see that you were able to share it all here. Would love to see more stuff like this, Aray.

Gina Aspacher

How sweet. Wonderful surprise. Thank you soooooo much! Goat kisses back and I am going print my cards and wrap them with a bar of soap and share the love!

Barbara Christesen

This is such a lovely gesture on your part. Thank you for always finding new ways to make us happy. Sending Valentine’s Day love and hugs your way.

Jill Waldman

I’ve liked you two ever since I saw you on the Amazing Race. I have followed your journey to build Beekman 1802 and am very impressed. Your products are amazing as is your entire business vibe. Being an ex-pat from New York, just thought I’d throw this out there – if you ever want to collaborate on events please check out my event planning website. themaineventcolorado.com If you’d like to collaborate on food and travel please check out jillwaldmanlifestyle.com or jillwaldmanlifestyle on instagram : ) Cheers to you, your staff and your goats!


I just love everything about the site. I bought your book on Audible and am looking forward to listening to how you got where you are today!

Sara Killian

I love your product I could tell the first time I used it. I give a lot of it away to friends and family. At xmas I gave 8 of the snow forest box And 9 of the new kits for men every one just love it


Thanks greatly for the ability to save the pic of the cards and then print them. They are very beautiful.


This was so much fun!!! Thank You and Happy Valentine’s Day back to you!!!

I loved the Related Posts section. I spent so much time browsing and learning, especially the stories of the Makers.

I have found many gifts for the future.

%hank You so much for your amazing, enjoyable site.

Dona Latty

Baby, you have really come through for me in this curious time in my life. You have stood by me and picked up the slack. Even in your time of struggle, you held me up. I could not be more blessed than I am now. Sexy U