We knew this all along: The farm is not the place for PolkaSpot.

PolkaSpot and her mother were dropped off at Beekman 1802 Farm the first winter we were here. Her mother was ill when she arrived, and passed away shortly after. The orphaned baby eventually grew into the long-necked, big-eyed, thick-lashed beauty that we all know today. Like any supermodel, there’s always been something a little alien about her.

On the very first day of filming for our reality show, PolkaSpot – realizing that it was her star-making vehicle – came up with a scene-stealing act that was so good that she got billing in the opening credits. History was made, and she single-handedly made Beekman 1802 Farm “fabulous”. Since then she’s garnered more Facebook fans than Josh and Brent (combined!!) written four comic books, had her own t-shirts, her own doll, and even got her head-shot into PEOPLE magazine. Anyone who ever visited the farm and requested a picture can attest that she is THE modern diva.

She was a big big big part of our farm and lives. And many of your lives too.

Which makes it extremely difficult to announce that after a very short illness, PolkaSpot has decided to leave us. She departed us with no pain. “I do love you all,” she said, “but life is too short for me to stay here.”

We don’t know exactly where she went, but we like to think that she is headed to Paris where her surroundings will naturally be more sophisticated.

We miss her already. Terribly. Divas take a lot of your heart with them when they leave.

But we know that she will write us occasionally of lovers and dreamers and of things that glitter and sparkle, just so that we never forget that the world is full of pretty things. Even though she will always be the prettiest of them all.
Bon voyage, Polkie-Poke. Bon voyage.


Please consider donating to the Northeast Llama Rescue, who lent their considerable expertise and compassion to make PolkaSpot’s final trip planning more comfortable. We would also like to thank the following people who went above and beyond in helping to care for her during these last difficult three weeks:
Farmer John
Megan Holken
Brie Hues
Wes Laraway and the Northeast Llama Rescue
The Veterinary Staff at Cobleskill Veterinary Clinic
John Conboy
Tim & Patty, The Stonehouse Farm, The Saphouse
Dr. Joan
Rachel T
Jason Evans & Cindy Shelley
Rabbit Goody and her team at Thistle Hill Weavers
The staff at Cobleskill Agway


PolkaSpot’s journeys can be followed here

by Josh and Brent

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Heather F.

I just saw this article. I am not on any social media websites and was looking for one of my favorite moments of PolkaSpot to send to a friend — only to find this sad news. I loved your show…but I loved loved loved and adored PolkaSpot! I still talk about her today. My condolences. She was so fun to watch. She was a star! Rest in Peace PolkaSpot!

Antonio Moreno JR

Terribly sadden to have read about Poka Spot passing. I’m a great fan of your TV show and sill watch it on ITunes. I drove busses and trucks for years passing many farms in my travels and dreaming of a farm of my own someday. In a truck stop some years back I watch your show with all of farmer John’s goats, pigs, your wonderful summer gardens, weddings you held and of course your diva Poka. I am now renting a small 20 acre farm. This last autumn I bought a pick/axe and tilted 1,250 square feet by hand. I’m panting yellow, red cherries best boy tomatoes, bachelor buttons, and zinnias flowers this spring to sell in the Wichita KS farmers market. My farm animals are 6 egg laying chickens, 3 black and one orange cat.

Lisa Adcock

I wish I could have met her. I love all animals. She sure was a beauty! Love all her spots! RIP Polka Spot❤️❤️❤️

Teri Adkins

I’m broken hearted about this. I realise I’m way behind (spent the last year recovering from my own thing), and catching up. I’m so sorry about the Diva’s passing. See you at the bridge Polka. Love you all!!


Just read the news… a little behind in social media.. sigh.. Au revoir Polka! See you at the rainbow bridge on my own trek to Paris! Much love to all of you at the farm My heart aches for you all! Tu me manques!


Oh my God, I am still just in tears! Its like a punch to the heart! I am so sorry for your loss, and even though I didn’t know her personally, I have always loved her. At least you can feel better in knowing she had a great life, far better than so many other animals. God rest her soul. And I do believe animals have a soul. If they have a brain and a personality, how can they not have a soul?


oh no! just read this! Pokie, sweet Diva of Beekman……………enjoy your freedom and joy and will see you at the Rainbow Bridge, where my 3 kitties already are! <3


So very sorry on the loss ofa beautiful friends. May she be flying high & showing them all how it’s done the Polka Spot way.

Barbara Sites

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I think she had a wonderful with you at your farm. I didn’t know her long but she seemed a lot of fun. I watched your show and I miss it.

Pat Cargile

I know you loved her as much as I love my llama “Chester”. Llamas can be the best pest
ever, and great pets too. I know she knew she was loved, it’s time for you get out and llama shop! Check out www,llamasbythellake and find your next love.

Angel C. Ventayen

thank you very much for sharing Polkaspot to the world, it brought beauty and immeasurable joy and feeling of “pure” caring. Polkaspot will be missed! I feel the pain over your loss.

Rose Elam

I can’t believe how sad I am feeling right now. Animals have a special place in my heart, including Polka Spot. She was lucky to have you as family.


She was a true DIVA and I am sure she is in paradise with all her friends and the leader of the pack. She touched a lot of hearts. I always looked forward to seeing her on the show and what she was up to in driving the farm in an uproar. She always had attitude and you knew who headed the farm. She will be missed.

Marcia Storer

I loved Polka Spot so much. She was a wonderful girl and watching her on your show was a joy.

DeeDee Kramer

I am sorry Brent and Josh and Farmer John, I know how much you loved Polkaspot, we loved her too! She will always be with you, and waiting for you again and thanking you for her wonderful life and all the care and love you gave her. Thank you for sharing her life with us. God made the best in the world when he made our furry babies,He made Polkaspot just for you.
Love and Sorrow,


Thank you Farmer John, Brent and Josh for taking care of Polka’s mom and raising Polka. Thank you. Polka, for the immeasurablle llaughter and happiness you gave. You are a diva in the very best way, and you’lll be missed. Rest in peace, sweet llama.


I was so sorry to hear about PolkaSpot..I was lucky enough to “meet” her on the farm two different times and I have to say she was so very happy..she couldn’t have asked for a better family..my condolences

Lisa O.

I am so very sorry to learn of PolkaSpot. (I can’t even begin to imagine how you all feel) She was a TRUE Beautiful Diva and I loved watching her! We can learn so much from these lovely animals.

Debra Bowdin

I’m so sorry for your loss, she had a wonderful life with you on the farm, I’m sure she couldn’t have asked for more. We will miss you Polkaspot!!!!


I am so sorry that I am just learning about this little diva, I can tell she will be missed so much! Isn’t it amazing how much love our fur babies give to us and how they change our lives, she was meant to be on your farm and loved by everyone while she was here!

Vicki c

RIP Polkaspot! You will be missed, but, have a great time with your family!

Linda Peterson

Safe journey Polkaspot you have the blessings of everyone who ever met you.


I am so very sad that PolkaSpot has left the farm. May she RIP with her friends and family who have reserved a Spot for,her wherever they might be!

Michelle Simmons

I am so saddened to hear about Polksaspot. She was such a lovely Diva and added so much to the farm. My heart is broken and I will miss her terribly. So very sorry for your loss. We love you Polksaspot and will miss you always, xxooxx ms

Margaret Conlon

Gosh, Just saw the post about PolkaSpot. I never knew of her till now, but after reading all the notes from everyone, I just want to say, “I’m very sorry for your loss.’ From the sounds of all the fans of Polka, my heart was touched, and I know she is at the Bridge with her Mama, being the Diva she was at the farm.(Hope that’s the right word). You sure are loved Polka.


We are so sorry to hear of the passing of Polkie. She certainly was a scene stealer and will continue to live on in all of our hearts. Sending love to you all. Thank you for giving her a loving home where she could be herself.
Laurie and Graham

suzanne Kirkpatrick

My heart is broken, I am so sorry to hear the very sad news about Poka-Spot I am sure she is on a big beautiful farm in heaven with all the other little animals. My thoughts are always with all of you.
Love Sue k


I am so sorry to hear of Polkaspot’s passing. She will be missed. What a wonderful life you both gave her. I know your pain.

Karmon Kear-Fanton

My heart breaks for you all…… I am so sorry for your loss. She will be missed, but will live in our hearts forever. Love & Prayers,

Joan Siegel

Wherever you are Polkaspot I truly know that you are having the most wonderful time and are meeting the most wonderful people. You have my love!

Mary Ellen

So sorry to hear of the loss of the Divine Miss P…
Safe journey, sweet one and may you find all that glitters in your travels..
Heartfelt condolences to the Beekman family…

Patrick Walsh

I am so sadden by this news
It broke my heart, but I’m sure all of you on the farm feel the same. However, I’m sure she is on another incredible journey again dazzling the stars. My heartful blessings to all of you.


I am so very sorry for your loss. I know how much you loved her; having raised two goats that lived to be 15 and 17 years old, they are definitely part of the family. Though it will take time, you’ll be able to share the many funny and endearing stories you have of her which will keep her alive in your hearts and ours as well. Thank you for always being brave and sharing your world with so many.

Barbara W.

Wow, do you guys have a way with words. I’m drying my eyes. I’m so sorry Polkaspot is no longer with all of her friends at the farm, human and otherwise and this definitely hurts many hearts. Such a cutie. The world is full of pretty things. What a lovely reminder. Thank you for sharing her with the outside world.

Randi Lynn McNeill

RIP sweet PolkaSpot. You will be lovingly missed. So very sorry for your loss, Josh, Brent and Farmer John. Thank you all for giving her all the love and care and attention through her time with you and most of all for sharing her and her escapades with us all.

Tammy Linderme

It’s amazing how an animal can touch our lives! We love them, care for them & they in return show us love and comfort back! I’m so sorry for your loss. Polkaspot will missed! Sincere love to you both!

Barbara White

Polka is now the brightest STAR ever. Whenever I see the twinkling stars I know hers is the brightest one. Enjoy Paris sweet one.

Christina Labbate

Sorry for your loss. You should make a little stuffed Polkaspot for memory for people who would like to buy one. I hope you don’t find that offensive. I know what it is to lose loved ones again I am so very sorry.

Melanie Watts

Yes – a little stuffed PolkaSpot. You can sell on your website, store & Evine with proceeds going to the Northeast Llama rescue.

mchele busuttil

So sorry to hear about polka spot..such a beautiful soul..brought many smiles to my daughter and I….she will be very missed

Mary Gerush

Polka Spot made us smile. That silly llama. I’m sure she will enjoy her dinner at L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon and the view from the Eiffel Tower. And obviously she will send photos. Love you all.


Dear Brent and Josh… Ahhh. I’m so sorry to hear of poka spot leaving us all. Thank you for being there for both her Mother and her. You gave her quality of her life while with you. You shared memorable days. Remember all the beautiful moments you had with her. ? ? ? She will be surely missed. ?