Who Inspires Us

Here at Beekman 1802, we call everyone a neighbor.

This moniker helps remind us of all the ways we belong to one another in the great community of the world. Whether you live down the road from us in Sharon Springs, NY or on the other side of the globe, we believe in the power of the connections between us and have built our company on that belief.

You may have also heard us use another term to talk about our loyal customers and our ultimate inspirations — milk maidens.

In the creation of our goat milk beauty products, we harken back to the European milkmaids of a bygone era, who rose with the sun to a full day of chores and washed their faces with what was available to them, namely, fresh milk. And it worked! The lactic acids and vitamins in the milk had a gentle cleansing effect on the skin, and milkmaids became known for their fresh-faced, healthful appearance.

We see milk maidens all around us every day: strong, capable, busy women who know their value lies in so much more than their appearance, and who still make the needed time to care for themselves and their skin as they deserve. She’s our muse—our creative guidepost when we head to the drawing board to design products that celebrate the natural beauty of your skin.

And what makes a modern Beekman 1802 milk maiden, exactly? Confidence, kindness, and comfort in her skin.

We’re not interested in airbrushing you. We’re not here to erase the little unique attributes that make you so uniquely you.

We’re interested in arming you for a long day of taking on the world. Just like the milkmaids of yore, you have work to do, and skin that needs to be fortified for the task at hand and healed after your labors.

Your skin tells your own beautiful story. Your fine lines came from moments of laughter and joy. Your scars are the hard-won evidence of daring adventures or struggles overcome. Your freckles might be a precious family inheritance or the remnants of happy days in the sun.

These are your features, not your flaws.

At Beekman 1802, we celebrate the skin you’re living your life in, and strive always to make products that will keep it healthy, strong, and beautiful.

In the coming months, we’ll be introducing you to some exceptional women who embody these values. We can’t wait for you to meet them.