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Close up view of goat milk

Goat Milk

Rich in skin-nourishing vitamins and minerals

Up Close shot of bubbles formed in the Niacinamide ingredient swatch.


Softens skin, evens tone and improves elasticity for better aging

Three beakers containing fermented plant oils

Fermented Plant Oils

Give you 20% deeper skin penetration, 90x more free fatty acids and 2x the moisture retention

“It’s made with fermented plant oils that penetrate deep into pores, leaving my skin feeling supple and glowy (not greasy).”

"...an ideal option for sensitive or acne-prone skin types."

“Goat milk, niacinamide, vitamin C, and plant oils help this oil absorb quickly and leave skin feeling plump and glowy.”

“Rich in emollients from sunflower seed oil, triglycerides, jojoba seed oil, and argan, the formulation supports the skin barrier to help offset drying effects of a retinoid.”

Kind Ingredients. Real Results.

We’re a community built on Kindness. That’s why we’re so passionate about formulating products that are Kind to the microbiome — the diverse cellular community that lives on our skin.

After 1 Use
Bottle of Oh! Mega Milk standing in water against yellow background with writing "Glow deeper with Oh! Mega Milk Fermented Face Oil" and product callouts: 1st fermented facial oil, 20% deeper absorption, 97% saw instantly illuminated skin, and mega glow without the grease

Glow. Don't Grease


said fermented oil instantly illuminates for a glazed finish*

*Based on an 8-week study, 35 subject consumer questionnaires while used as directed.


said this formula is unique compared to other facial oils*

*Based on an 8-week study, 35 subject consumer questionnaires while used as directed.


said this formula absorbed instantly for a mega hydration*

*Based on an 8-week study, 35 subject consumer questionnaires while used as directed.

Droplet of goat milk against a yellow background and Goatie in the bottom right corner, along with writing highlighting ingredient benefits: 54% prebiotics to balance microbiome, 26% proteins to minimize appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, 9% fatty acids for healthy hydration, AHA lactic acids to smooth skin, 17 vitamins and minerals to protect and nourish skin, and 17 amino acids to support a healthy skin barrier

The Power Of Goat Milk


What makes goat milk so Kind to your skin? It’s packed with skin-loving vitamins and minerals that work to improve skin texture, hydration and health…all without irritation.

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Cruelty Free

Our happy goats are an essential part of our company, and we take great care in ensuring their well-being.