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Up close shot of Sunflower, showing the goldish-yellow petals on a bright yellow background.

Sunflower Butter

Beekman 1802's Sunflower Butter skincare line is crafted with the nourishing goodness of sunflower oil. Our Sunflower butter skincare collection offers a luxurious experience that revitalizes and nourishes your skin. Sunflower Butter, rich in essential vitamins A & E, works synergistically with sunflower oil to lock in long-lasting moisture and hydration, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth, and replenished. Treat yourself to the ultimate pampering of Beekman 1802's Sunflower Butter lotion, your daily dose of sunshine for beautifully hydrated skin.

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Wonder Milk Buttery Botanical Jelly
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Wonder Milk
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Sunflower Skincare FAQs

Why Your Skin Needs Sunflower Butter

Sunflower butter comes from sunflower seeds which are bursting with antioxidants like Vitamin E. It’s known to keep our skin and organ membranes healthy and strong, plus it’s extremely hydrating and can be formulated into lip balms, lip sticks, creams or lotion with sunflower oil. Speaking of sunflower oil, let’s dive deeper.


Reasons Why We Love Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil is a natural emollient that’s non-comedogenic, highly absorbent, and non-irritating for those with sensitive skin. And if you’re ever heard of slugging, the must-have final step to lock in all the nourishing products you’ve applied already, sunflower oil is great for that! Skip the petroleum jelly and use our sunflower rich botanical jelly instead. 


Does Sunflower Lotion Exist?

Of course it does! Since sunflower butter and sunflower oil have such great benefits for the skin, we wanted to create an ultra-hydrating lotion with both in the formula. And that’s exactly what we did with our Wonder Milk botanical jelly. It’s a natural, multipurpose ointment that helps lock in long-lasting moisture and hydration under eyes, on hands, on your lips, in your hair–wherever you’re feeling extra dry.

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