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Up close shot of PHA ingredient colored pink in liquid form with small bubbles formed.
Up close shot of PHA ingredient colored pink in liquid form with small bubbles formed.

PHA Skincare

PHA (Polyhydroxy Acid) is a plant-based blemish extractor and natural humectant that draws in moisture while removing oil and unclogging pores. The molecules are larger than other chemical exfoliants and are safer for sensitive skin. Beekman 1802 offers a range of PHA skincare products designed to promote healthy skin. Their PHA lineup includes a PHA moisturizer, and body scrub with PHA.

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Tube of Beekman 1802's Sunshine Body Scrub 7.5% PHA Body Exfoliator on a white background.

7.5% PHA Body Exfoliator

Sunshine Body Scrub
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Bottle of Beekman 1802's Bloom Cream Daily Moisturizer Regular on a white background.
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Daily Face Moisturizer

Bloom Cream
2400 reviews

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Goat Milk Skincare Benefits FAQ

What Are the Benefits of PHAs in Skincare? 

PHAs, also known as polyhydroxy acids, in skincare products are chemical exfoliants (much like AHAs and BHAs) that help even out skin tone and texture. PHAs have a larger molecular size that prevents them from penetrating the skin as deeply, making them the perfect choice for those with sensitive skin.  

What Are the Differences Between AHA vs BHA vs PHAs 

AHAs, BHAs, and PHAs differ in several ways. AHAs and PHAs are water-soluble, while BHAs are oil-soluble. AHAs are best suited for dry skin, BHAs for oily and acne-prone skin, and PHAs are ideal for sensitive skin. While all 3 are chemical exfoliants, AHAs are more moisturizing, BHAs have anti-inflammatory properties, and PHAs are recognized for their anti-aging benefits. 

Can I Use PHA and Salicylic Acid Together?    

While salicylic acid is the most commonly used BHA in skincare products, for individuals dealing with oily skin, persistent breakouts, and sensitivity, incorporating both a BHA and a PHA into your skincare routine may be beneficial. However, it's crucial to exercise caution, as excessive acid usage may hurt the skin barrier. We recommend taking a gradual approach when introducing new products, allowing your skin to determine its tolerance levels.

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