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Up close shot of 2 pink Persian Silk Tree Bark leaves on the far right of the image on a yellow background.
Up close shot of 2 pink Persian Silk Tree Bark leaves on a yellow background.

Persian Silk Tree Bark Extract Skincare Products


The Persian silk tree extract, or albiza, benefits the skin by tightening the area around the eyes and fighting dark circles and puffiness, lifting the lids and brightening the entire eye area. Beekman 1802 harnesses gentle, natural ingredients such as aloe vera, goat milk, and albizia julibrissin bark extract in the Dewy Eyed Illuminating, ensuring it’s suitable for sensitive skin. 

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What Is Persian Silk Tree Extract? 

Persian silk tree extract comes from the Persian silk tree, also known as albizia julibrissin, and has beautiful, exotic flowers and leaves that close together during the night. Originally native to Iran and eastern China, you can now find Persian silk trees throughout temperate regions of the world. And just wait until you learn what Persian silk tree extract can do for your skin.

Albizia Benefits: Persian Silk Tree Extract for Skin 

When put in cosmetics, Persian silk tree extract can boost cell energy, revitalize tired-looking skin, and tighten skin. All in all, albizia helps promote a fresh and smooth complexion, especially when applied around the eyes. This powerful antioxidant is a must-have ingredient for effective eye creams.  

Who Needs Persian Silk Tree Extract? 

Anyone who wants to tighten their skin, fight dark circles and puffiness, and brighten the entire eye area should use Persian silk tree extract. And lucky for you, we’ve created the perfect illuminating and depuffing eye serum using this ingredient. A blend of Persian silk tree extract, goat milk, and aloe vera create the perfect combination that instantly awakens dull skin. 

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