Why buy Beekman?

Every store likes to think they're different. However we know we're different. Why? Well, here's six reasons: 

1. Our artisans. We now work with over 350 artisans and craftspersons - many of them within a 100 mile radius of our farm - to create amazing, handmade treasures. We let the artisans set their own prices...no haggling. We value their work as much as they do. How many other retailers introduce you to the people who make your stuff? We do.

2. Our roots. Beekman 1802 Mercantile is based in Sharon Springs, NY. Population: 547. A lot of visitors might say that Sharon Springs has seen better days. That might be so. But we can definitely boast that it has never seen better people. The small team that works with us at Beekman 1802 Mercantile has built a company that's been profiled in some of the biggest publications in the world. We're very proud of them. At at time when a lot of growing companies are heading overseas, we're expanding right here. In tiny Sharon Springs.

3. Our products. You know how you go to the mall and see all of the same stuff in every store? Yeah...that doesn't happen here. You won't find our products anywhere else. Everything you find with Beekman 1802 on the label is made exclusively for Beekman 1802. There's a 0% chance that your mom will get the same gift from your brother. (Unless she told him to shop at Beekman too.)

4. Our Team. Our team is our most valuable asset. And we treat 'em like it. The highest paid employees of Beekman 1802 make no greater than 60% more than the least compensated. And that includes us - Brent & Josh- who are actually the least compensated. (We should renegotiate with the goats.) Plus, we offer full benefits, including health and retirement plans. This is how most companies used to treat their employees. We think it's high time for fairness to make a comeback in corporate America.

5. Your happy face. We stand 100% behind everything we make. Make that 1000%. If you don't like something, you can either email us (customer service@beekman1802.com) or pick up the phone and call us. That's right. We have a phone number. (888)801-1802. With a real person answering. Right here in Sharon Springs. Chances are, they may have even packed your package themselves.

6. We Give Back. Sure, a lot of companies say they give back. We can prove it. 

7. We're real people.  We're not like most faceless e-commerce sites. And to prove it, you can come visit the Beekman 1802 Mercantile anytime to poke, prod, tickle or hug us. (We prefer the hugging approach.)

 xo, Josh, Brent, Team Beekman, Farmer John, PolkaSpot, the Goats, Önder, Bubby, Jolene & Every Living Thing at Beekman 1802 Farm & Mercantile.