B.1802 Beauty Subscription Box


B.1802 Beauty Subscription Box

 $65 billed every 90-days. Cancel Anytime.

Our B.1802 Beauty Subscription Box is the best deal on...

$65.00 You Save


Subscription Boxes are sent out the beginning of every season.
The general schedule is:
- Winter in January
- Spring in April
- Summer in July
- Fall in October


The Beekman 1802 Beauty Box ships and charges on a quarterly basis. The box will auto-renew and charge your card $65 on the quarterly anniversary of your original charge date or approximately every 90 days.

Each quarter will bring a new assortment of Beekman Beauty. We keep the contents a secret until the day the new box is released but we always guarantee the box will be filled with $150 in product.

You can cancel your Beauty Box anytime (please just give us 24 hours before your next charge date). You can cancel by emailing Neighbor Services at customerservice@beekman1802.com or by logging into (or creating) an account here

An account with beekman1802.com is not required but it does make adjusting subscription, viewing your order history and tracking much easier! Register for your account with the email you used on the original order and it will automatically link the information into your account. Sign up for an account here

You can certainly skip a delivery! Log into your account at anytime to make adjustments to your subscription. Once you're logged in you can skip an entire delivery or alter the charge date. Sign up for an account here

You can always log into your account to make adjustment to your ship date. Sign up for an account here Need a little help? Email us at customersevice@beekman1802.com at least 24 hours before your box ships and we will be happy to make the change for you.

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