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Let us calculate how many people your act of Kindness will impact...and then let us pay for it!
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About The Grant

Beekman 1802 believes that there is beauty in Kindness. We are committed to helping Neighbors be Kind to their skin, Kind to themselves, Kind to their community and Kind to the Earth. Research shows that acts of Kindness can improve one's health, and we all know that they can improve the health of your Neighborhood.

This year, we’re celebrating nurses for all of the Kind work they do in every communities and we want to give our Neighbors the chance to pay them back in Kind. 

Do you want to show a nurse some Kindness with a week of free lunches? Or treat them to a yoga class? Maybe a hospital break room makeover? Whatever you dream up, we want to help make that happen!

How It Works

  • 1
    Think of an act of Kindness we can help you perform that can make the greatest impact for $500 or less.
  • 2
    Fill out and submit the questionnaire below. Tell us how your Kindness act can cause a Kindness ripple effect!
  • 3
    The grant cycle happens monthly. There are lots of submissions, so if you don’t get selected this month, please submit again next month.

What Act of Kindness Can We Help You Accomplish?

Submit your idea in the simple questionnaire below. When you hit submit, our proprietary calculator will estimate the ripple effect of your single act of Kindness.

Thank You For Your Submission!

Your act of kindness could affect:

All contributions are by Beekman 1802 in its discretion. Beekman 1802 reserves the right to determine which organizations and acts of kindness to support. No guarantee is made that any particular organization or proposed act of kindness will be funded. No portion of any contribution is tax-deductible to the person proposing the act of kindness. If fewer than the expected number of eligible proposals are received, Beekman 1802 may apply the unused funds toward the general projects of the Kindness Fund.