Kindness in Beauty Virtual Conversation

We’re on a mission to make 2021 the kindest year yet, and we hope you’ll join us on this journey.

Join Us

As a company who believes There is Beauty in Kindness, Beekman 1802 is excited to announce the creation of our very first Kindness Council with the mission to help our community (and beyond) create a kinder world. We’ve assembled an esteemed panel of experts who harness the power of kindness in five key areas: Mind, Skin, Community, Planet and Self. During “There’s Beauty in Kindness Virtual Conversation,” they will inspire, empower and teach us how to be kind to everyone around us, starting with ourselves.

During this event we will reveal the launch of our $100,000 Kindness Fund and share more details of how it will be allocated to causes and Neighbors to help continue spreading kindness in your communities. After all, one simple kind act creates an endless ripple.

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Meet Our Experts

Nana Duffy, MD Kind to Skin Learn More
Jaclyn Lindsey Kind to Community Learn More
Jhánneu Roberts Kind to Planet Learn More
Eva Ritvo, MD Kind to Mind Learn More
Cassidy Wendell Kind to Self Learn More