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When we moved to the Beekman 1802 Farm over a decade ago, we found our happy place. Away from the city, we learned to live a healthier, simpler and more natural life. Since then, we've dedicated our lives to making your skin happier.

Now, we want to do the same for your home. We're exposed to enough harmful chemicals every time we walk out the door. There's no reason to bring them into our homes. We hated all the chemical cleaners that we were spraying on our counter-tops, and harsh detergents that were on our clothes. Because, eventually, they wound up on our skin, or on our food. Not Happy.

But not only did we want to create natural cleaners and laundry soap - we wanted to create ones that were better than anything out there. We've all tried green formulas that didn't cut the mustard. Literally. Right?

So like everything else we want, we buckled down, researched, and just made them ourselves. And they're awesome. Our household cleansers feature plant-derived ingredients to clean your home as effectively as those containing synthetic chemicals. So awesome that we went ahead and had them independently tested against other leading cleaning brands. And yep - real live scientists agree with us.

So, get rid of all those chemical cleaners and make your home a Happy Place again.

xo j&b




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