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This better-aging sunscreen lotion for face and body is formulated with our powerhouse antioxidant, chebula fruit, to deeply hydrate, protect against sun damage, and repair the skin barrier.

If that's not reason enough to love our new SPF, check out 50 MORE reasons down below!

50 Reasons to Love Hello Sunshine Face & Body SPF

1. SPF 50 broad-spectrum sun protection 

2. Formulated with the highest PA rating for complete sun protection 

3. Made with powerful better-aging active ingredients 

4. Made with the world’s most powerful antioxidant, chebula fruit 

5. A first-of-its-kind sunscreen with powerful skincare benefits 

6. SPF you’ll actually want to wear 

7. Can use on face AND body 

8. Goes on sheer 

9. No greasy residue 

10. No white cast 

11. Lightweight 

12. Prevents premature aging 

13. Maintains even skin tone 

14. Reduces the look of existing fine lines and wrinkles 

15. Reduces hyperpigmentation 

16. You’ll actually see visible results! 

17. Enhances skin health 

18. Protection against free radicals and pollution 

19. Deeply hydrating  

20. Reef safe 

21. Safe for sensitive skin 

22. Certified microbiome friendly  

23. Ceramides build the skin barrier 

24. 40 minutes sweat & water resistant 

25. Won’t wash off when you’re working out or swimming 

26. All your friends will ask you “how do you look so young?” 

27. You can have fun in the sun, guilt-free  

28. You won’t need to fear the sun anymore 

29. Reduced risk of skin cancer 

30. Reduced risk of skin flare-ups  

31. No more painful sunburns 

32. Sunscreen the whole family can enjoy! 

33. Even your kids will love it! (We know, shocking) 

34. Won’t cause irritation  

35. Doesn’t burn and sting around the eyes 

36. Doesn’t feel goopy like old-school sunscreen 

37. Works great with makeup 

38. Putting on sunscreen will no longer feel like a hassle! 

39. Rich in skin-loving antioxidants 

40. You don’t need to buy multiple sunscreens for face and body 

41. Supports healthy blood vessels 

42. Enhances vitamin D efficiency  

43. Makes skin more resilient  

44. Fun sunshine yellow packaging will inspire positivity in your life 

45. Free of harsh chemicals 

46. Cruelty free 

47. Sulfate free 

48. Paraben free 

49. Won’t ruin your favorite clothes 

50. Will make all your summer adventures a little bit Kinder