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The 411 On Facial Oil

The 411 On Facial Oil

You may not believe it, but oil is actually good for your skin! It's all about using the right oils to moisturize, balance, soothe, and more. Don't believe us? Well, here are many ways to use the first fermented facial boosting oil, Oh! Mega Milk. It recently won a Daily O-ward from Oprah, to boot!

Facial Oil Balance your skin's oil production and help minimize pores without excess sebum. 

Night Serum Apply after using your AHAs and Retinol night treatments to keep skin from drying and peeling overnight.

After Shave Add a couple of drops to soothe skin and prevent razor burn.

Dry Patches Helps moisturize and condition dry patches on your face.

Lip Balm Add a couple drops directly to lips to add shade and shine.

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