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Defining Moments Through The Decade

Defining Moments Through The Decade

Over a decade ago, Beekman 1802 was built on the idea that you can bring moments of kindness to everyday life by doing simple things really well. As we celebrate the end and the beginning of a decade, we’d like to share the key moments with you that have shaped our brand into what it is today.

May 2008

A doctor, a writer, and 80 goats started Beekman 1802 in the rural town of Sharon Springs, NY (population 532). When the recession hits, our founders Josh and Brent asked themselves a question…When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. But what do you do when life gives you goat milk?

Simple. You change the world.

They made their first bar of goat milk soap, and so began their mission to change the world, one bar of soap at a time. 

September 2009

Beekman 1802 holds its first Harvest Fest. Started as a way to help revitalize Upstate New York, it soon becomes an annual event that unites all of the small businesses, artisans, and vendors throughout the region.

May 2010

The Beekman 1802 Mercantile opened its doors. Known as “a world-famous store in the middle of nowhere”, the store is still located in Sharon Springs. 

May 2015

Our first goat milk skincare line was launched to help cultivate your healthiest skin. We started with the basics — clean ingredients and simple science. 

July 2019

We launched on HSN and followed with QVC, and hit the highest amount of soaps we’ve ever sold (so far)! Over 8,000,000 bars!

January 2020

We’ve grown our neighborhood from Sharon Springs to more than 500,000 Neighbors across the world! Every customer is considered a Neighbor and everything we produce is intentionally created to help our Neighbors cultivate a beautiful life. We can’t wait for you to see what’s next.

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