Cultivate a Beautiful Life With Candace Molatore

At Beekman 1802, we believe in simple things done very well and create every product with a great deal of intention. We believe beauty is not about “how you look,” it’s how you look at yourself. At our roots, our mission is simple: to help you cultivate a beautiful life. A life that doesn’t just look good, but feels good; you know, the way our products give you that same feeling.

The most rewarding thing we’ve learned about cultivating a beautiful life? No two paths ever seem to look the same. To celebrate those who have taken strides to cultivate their idea of a beautiful life, we’ve connected with iconic and admirable women and men to highlight their stories with the hope of encouraging and inspiring others to do the same. 

We’ve connected with these people to share how their embodiment of our values, “Work hard. Never quit. Help your neighbor” have led them to a life they feel good about. 

We were introduced to Candace Molatore by an incredibly talented photographer and videographer in Portland, Alivia Fields, and were quickly enamored by her spirit of kindness and her practice of self-confidence and empowerment. Candace spills it all on how she cultivates a beautiful life.


Beekman 1802: To cultivate is to nurture and grow. Growing often requires going through seasons, somewhere you bloom and some that challenge your roots. Tell us about a season of growing you experienced that helped nurture the life you lead today.  

Candace: My biggest season of growing was definitely this past Spring. I moved out of the suburbs into my first apartment downtown. Although moving closer to the city has been monumental for my life and a big time saver, it was a big transition moving a little farther from family and fully doing it on my own. I’ve learned so much since then!  

B1802: Our brand promise is to create moments of kindness for a simpler, more beautiful life. We believe kindness is the key ingredient in everything we create. What is something you do to practice kindness?   

C: Through my personal account, I speak a lot about how I and my audience can be better at showing kindness to ourselves. I think the biggest lesson has been uncovering what that really means. Sometimes showing kindness to ourselves can look like taking a hot bath to relax, but it can also mean distancing ourselves from negative situations. I like to show kindness to myself by not overloading my schedule so I can show up for others in the best way possible. 

B1802: What do you feel is the key ingredient to cultivating a beautiful life?  

C: 100% doing what makes you happy. Making choices that make you happy is a privilege and something that’s easier said than done, but I really believe it’s a huge key in cultivating a beautiful life! You only have one life to live, so I believe doing what makes you happy and has you feeling like your best self is a feeling that can’t be beat.  

B1802: What does a beautiful life mean to you? 

C: A beautiful life is a life that brings you the utmost joy. It’s a life that is cultivated and crafted to your best ability and brings incredible, rewarding experiences.  

B1802: What’s one word you’d use to describe how a beautiful life not only looks but more importantly feels?  

C: Content. 

B1802: What’s one thing you strive to do every day in order to cultivate a beautiful life? 

C: I connect with my community every day. Whether it’s my close friends or my Instagram family I love touching base with people, checking in and just feeling connected to each other overall. 

B1802: Beekman 1802 was grown on the premise of being “neighborly” and always offering a seat at the table. What do you look for in the community of people you surround yourself with?   

C: This was something I really focused on this past year—cultivating those authentic relationships. I have a solid friend group I could am so thankful for. We lift each other up in so many ways and I know I can trust and rely on them for anything. I think that is so important, especially in your twenties, to have a group of people going through the same life experiences that you know have your best interest at heart.  


Photo Credit: Alivia Fields