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Cultivate a Beautiful Life With Allegra Rose

Cultivate a Beautiful Life With Allegra Rose

Meet Allegra Rose Berger, an inspirational, adventure-seeking young woman from sunny Southern California. Allegra has a heart for change and passion for living sustainably to make the planet a better, cleaner, and more mindful place.

When asked how she defines a beautiful life, here's what she had to say..."A beautiful life encompasses finding time to care for yourself, to laugh with people you love, to explore self-reflection, to adventure in seeing the world, and being grateful and compassionate to the earth and everyone in it."



Beekman 1802: To cultivate is to nurture and grow. Growing often requires going through seasons, some where you bloom, and some that challenge your roots. Tell us about a season of growing you experienced that helped nurture the life you lead today?

Allegra: Just about a month after I graduated from art school in 2018, I moved to Los Angeles. I had no real plan, just to experience living in a new place that would challenge me creatively. I had never felt more growth in my whole life, then when I was 22, in my first year living on my own: having my first apartment, and finding community in one of the biggest cities in the US.

It was very hard finding those people who I now call some of my best friends, and I now view friendship and relationships in such a more tangible and valuable way. For me as an extrovert, I’ve found that the people I surround myself with are crucial components of my well-being and growth. I’m so thankful to have found such inspiring, kind and creative friends on the west coast.

B1802: Our brand promise is to create moments of kindness for a simpler, more beautiful life. We believe kindness is the key ingredient in everything we create. What is something you do to practice kindness?

A: How I show love to the people in my life is through words of affirmation. Many of my friends are creatives, and I always find joy in building them up, the work they are creating, and letting them know how amazing they are. I think that we often are taught to compare ourselves to people in the creative space, but there is so much room for everyone to shine as individuals.

B1802: What do you feel is the key ingredient to cultivating a beautiful life?

A: I think the key ingredient is finding people to share your life with. I’m grateful for personal experiences I’ve had on my own, but there’s nothing like going on road trips with your best friends, swimming in mountain lakes together, or camping under the stars. Creating memories that will last a lifetime cultivates a beautiful life — living whole-heartedly in every aspect.

B1802: What does a beautiful life mean to you?

A: A beautiful life consists of caring for others in a real and meaningful way, showing up for people, showing love to yourself and your body, and finding joy in the small yet significant moments & blessings of each day.

B1802: What’s one word you’d use to describe how a beautiful life not only looks but, more importantly, feels?

A: Wild

B1802: What’s one thing you strive to do every day in order to cultivate a beautiful life?

A: I think one thing I have always intentionally done is to always take great care of what I put in and on my body: from food to supplements, skincare, and makeup products. I always buy organic, local when possible, and clean products: as an act of self-love and self-care.

B1802: Beekman 1802 was grown on the premise of being “neighborly” and always offering a seat at the table. What do you look for in the community of people you surround yourself with?

A: I definitely look for other people who are passionate: people who love their life and love what they do/create. I think confidence radiates a beauty like nothing else. I love surrounding myself with people who are encouraging, empowering, and adventurous.

Photos courtesy of @allegraroseb

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