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Anti-Aging Skincare Routine + Products for Mature, Sensitive Skin

Anti-Aging Skincare Routine + Products for Mature, Sensitive Skin

It’s no surprise our skincare routine changes as we age. With a greater focus on hydration, collagen, and dark spot reduction, we need anti-aging products for sensitive skin that actually work. Luckily, we’ve formulated an anti-aging skincare routine that’s both gentle and effective—and leaves your skin looking bright, youthful, and hydrated. 

Skincare Routine Morning vs Night: What to Do & When 

The hardest part about curating an anti-aging skincare routine is knowing when to apply what. So, we’re breaking it down for you: 

We find it’s best to use active ingredients like vitamin C, sunscreen, and peptides during your morning routine. This is because vitamin C and SPF (which you should be wearing every day!) have shown to be more effective when paired together. Then peptides (or collagen) can help smooth out any fine lines and wrinkles. 

At night, we suggest sticking to more nourishing ingredients like bakuchiol, melatonin, goat milk, and niacinamide, as this is your chance to let your skin recover and replenish what it lost throughout the day. Don’t be afraid to layer up! Your skin will thank you for it later. 

Top Tips on Keeping it Simple 

  • Mornings are for active ingredients that even out the complexion and plump the skin. 
  • Nights are for restoration and deep hydration. 

Achieve Youthful Skin with Our Anti-Aging Skincare Routine 

Now that you know what to prioritize during your morning and nighttime routines, let’s discuss the specific natural anti-aging products we suggest—and the order in which to apply them. 

Anti-Aging Morning Routine 

Here’s the scene: You’ve just woken up, you’re ready to start your day, you walk into your bathroom, and this is what you do first. 

  • Every anti-aging skincare routine starts with cleansing. Use our Milk Wash exfoliating cleanser to draw out any impurities and resurface the skin to reveal your most glowing complexion. 
  • Next, apply your serums in order of thinnest to thickest. For anti-aging benefits, we suggest using our vitamin C-rich booster to fade any age spots and then our peptide serum for visibly reduced wrinkles and fine lines. 
  • This isn’t necessary, but if you want to illuminate your eyes with age-defying revitalization, you’ll want to dab a pea size amount of our Dewy Eyed eye serum right beneath your orbital bone and onto your lids.  
  • From there, you’ll want to moisturize and apply your sunscreen. We suggest our Bloom Cream as it features goat milk and niacinamide which both provide anti-aging benefits like smoothing fine lines and reducing dark spots and either our Milk Primer SPF 35 or if you are looking for a tintet SPF primer our Milk Tint SPF 43.  

Anti-Aging Nighttime Routine 

Skincare at night oftentimes looks different than skincare in the morning, so this is the anti-aging lineup we recommend after a long day. 

  • First, you’ll want to cleanse and wash away any impurities that built up throughout the day. We suggest double cleansing, first with a melting balm to remove makeup, SPF, and dirt, then a gentle cleanser to balance out your pH.  
    • Next, go back in with a hydrating toner. As you age, it’s so important to prioritize hydrating at every step. 
      • Layer on your nighttime serums. This can look like bakuchiol, peptides, or exfoliating serums. Take your time with each layer and really massage the product into your skin, letting it soak in before applying your next serum. 
        • Finally, it’s time to seal it all in with a rich moisturizer and facial oil. Pairing these two together provides some much-needed skin barrier protection, so your skin can fully recharge overnight and absorb the anti-aging benefits provided through your serums. 

          The Natural Anti-Aging Products You Need 

          The best skincare for aging skin includes retinol alternatives and sensitive skin-safe products that replenish lost hydration and strengthen the skin’s barrier.  

          Here are a few of our favorites: 

          Dream Booster 

          This anti-aging serum is a plant-based retinol alternative that’s 4x gentler than retinol and offers anti-aging benefits--with no irritation. It smooths your skin texture, minimizes pores, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and it’s safe for everyday use. 

          Midnight Milk 

          This overnight cream is a “sleep mask” that reveals firmer skin by morning. Featuring bakuchiol, melatonin, and peptides, this is an anti-aging trifecta. Simply apply as the last step in your nighttime routine and be amazed by the morning results.  

          Milk Drops 

          If you’re on an anti-aging journey, ceramides are a must-use ingredient. Expect more hydrated skin, a strengthened barrier, and a radiant complexion. Can also be used in the morning.  

          Collagen Booster 

          If you want to naturally lift and tighten your skin, this serum is for you. Formulated with a trio of fast-acting peptides, CoQ10, and electric daisy, you can expect a boost in collagen production, fewer fine lines, and more youthful skin. Can also be used in the morning. 

          Top 5 Natural Anti-Aging Ingredients for Radiant Skin 

          Anti-aging products for sensitive skin should be formulated with powerful ingredients that work well without sacrificing the health of your skin barrier. 

          These ingredients include ceramides, niacinamide, bakuchiol, and vitamin C. 


          Ceramides are fatty acids that help to moisturize and protect the skin’s barrier from external toxins. Basically, ceramides are the glue that keeps our skin cells together which, in effect, keeps our skin barrier intact. When your skin barrier is healthy, your complexion is radiant, your skin is hydrated, and inflammatory free radicals have a decreased chance at wreaking havoc. Say hello to ceramides and goodbye to redness, irritation, and uneven skin tones. You can find Ceramides in our Milk Drops and our Ceramide Bodycare.  


          Niacinamide, also known as vitamin B3, helps visibly minimize pores, improve uneven skin tone, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, diminish dullness, and strengthen your skin barrier. It’s an all-in-one anti-aging ingredient that we highly recommend you add to your routine. You can find niacinamide in our Bloom Cream Daily Moisturizer and our Oh! Mega Milk facial oil.  


          Bakuchiol is a plant-based derivative of vitamin A—also known as the gentler, vegan option when compared to retinol. Bakuchiol stimulates skin cell turnover, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin tone and texture, restores firmness, all without irritation. Skip the harsh effects and retinol and try our bakuchiol serum or bakuchiol & melatonin anti-aging mask for impressive results. 

          Vitamin C 

          Vitamin C not only evens out your complexion and reduces dark spots, but it also helps your body produce collagen, too. That’s a must for any anti-aging routine, as the increase in collagen helps plump the skin, reduce fine lines, and gives you a more youthful complexion. 

          Aging Gracefully: Your Nighttime Skincare Ritual 

          Here’s what’s going on when you sleep: 

          • Blood flow increases 
          • Skin is flooded with oxygen and nutrients 
          • Human growth hormone kicks in and skin cells regenerate 

          With this in mind, you can see why your nighttime skincare routine is extremely important for maintaining radiant, healthy skin. It’s (ideally) an 8-hour time block for your skin cells to fully rest, recharge, and rejuvenate without any damage from the environment or the sun. 

          But before the rejuvenation begins, we want to talk about prejuvenation. Prejuvenation is the process of proactively targeting signs of aging through routine use of topical skincare and non-invasive treatments. This can look like incorporating antioxidants and wearing sunscreen daily. We like to look at our nighttime skincare routines as the perfect way to practice prejuvenation. 

          By using products with effective formulas and ingredients like vitamin C, collagen, bakuchiol, ceramides, and niacinamide, you’ve already begun the process of prejuvenation, and your body’s natural processes will take care of the rejuvenation part once you’re asleep.  

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          Natural Anti-Aging Skincare FAQs

          Your anti-aging skincare routine will be unique to you and your skincare concerns, but we hope these FAQs help you fine tune.