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A Kinder World Starts with You: Building a Self-Kindness Routine

A Kinder World Starts with You: Building a Self-Kindness Routine

After enduring one of the hardest years many of us have ever known, it's more important than ever to focus on the repair, recovery, and rejuvenation of our bodies, hearts, and minds. We need to spread Kindness, and we need it to start with the Kindness we show ourselves.

Beekman 1802 was founded on a culture of Kindness. Josh and Brent have long said that you can’t spread Kindness if your Kindness cup is empty. And we know one great way to help you refill yours...

We recently launched our Hydration Station Skincare Set, packed with nourishing, pampering products designed to inspire some serious “me time”, so that you can take care of the skin that you live your life in, and maybe take a few deep breaths while doing it.

We’d like to encourage you to take this self-Kindness a step further, and incorporate some positive self-talk into your skincare routine with our perfect at-home pampering kit. 

Self-talk simply refers to the inner running monologue we have in our own minds throughout the day. While we all vacillate between hopeful, optimistic thoughts on a good day, or negative, pessimistic ones when things are going wrong, you can work on your practice of self-encouragement, self-acceptance, and positivity when talking to yourself.

We spoke with Dr. Eva Ritvo, noted psychiatrist, author of “The Beauty Prescription” and "Bekindr: The Transformative Power of Kindness", and expert on our Beekman 1802 Kindness Council, about the far-reaching impact of positive self-talk, and why pairing it with your morning and evening skincare routine just makes good sense.

The practice of positive self-talk is correlated with better health outcomes and self-reported happiness. How can we get started with forming a new habit of positive self-talk?

Dr. Ritvo: "You’ll often see a 30 day timeline associated with the formation of a new habit, but change can occur much more quickly than that. Studies show that piggybacking a new habit onto the back of an already established routine makes it more likely to stick, so practicing positive self-talk while doing something that’s already a part of your daily routine, like your skincare regimen, is setting yourself up for success." 

Why is positive self-talk so important?

Dr. Ritvo: "It’s our responsibility as adults to be kind to ourselves. It’s really the difference between childhood and adulthood. We are responsible for creating the life we want, and changing our course if needed. Positive self-talk—kind thoughts and words directed at yourself—is fundamental to that.

It’s so important to monitor that voice in your head that wants to pick at all your flaws, point out your mistakes, and find fault with your appearance. Ask yourself, “Would I say this to a friend?” You most likely would never talk to or judge a friend as harshly as you would yourself. You can retrain your brain to think kinder, gentler thoughts through practice and vigilance."

What are some simple ways to incorporate positive self-talk into our daily lives?

Dr. Ritvo: "I love the idea of pairing a practice of positive self-talk with our skincare routines. Not only will it help form the habit to pair it with an already established routine, but to look in the mirror, while taking care of yourself, and training your brain to think kind thoughts works on so many levels.

In the morning, as you care for your skin and prepare for the day, you can try words of encouragement like:

“Today is going to be a great day!”

“I am worthy of this day!”

“I want to enjoy today!”

“I am valuable.”

At night, when you’re winding down and getting ready to rest, it can be recitations of:

“I have all I need.”

“I did my best today.”

“I’m going to get the rest my body and mind deserve.”

I’m a big proponent of putting sticky notes of encouraging words and messages right on your bathroom mirror where you can see them. Even simple reminders to smile can change the course of your day. What nice thing do you need to hear today? You can provide that for yourself. Just write it down and practice saying it to yourself."

Our Healthiest Skin Ever Skincare Bestsellers Set invites you to pair our Clinically Kind® products with these positive, Kind thoughts. Whether you’re getting ready to start a fresh new day, or winding down from the one that is ending, we hope you’ll take the time to treat your face and body to nourishing goat milk goodness, and give yourself the gentle care you deserve, so you can then offer Kindness to others.

It’s a real-life superpower that can change the whole world.

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