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What Our Moms Love

Moms can be tough to buy for, so we started Beekman 1802 solely so that we'd never have to worry about Mother's Day again. (Not really, but it sure hasn't hurt!)

In order to help you choose your perfect gifts, we thought we'd go ahead and ask our moms to recommend their Top 5 favorite Beekman goodies, and why they love them. You can't go wrong with any of these...

Jackie Purcell's Favorites (Josh's Mom)

1. Pink Champagne Jelly   –  This has a delicate flavor and yet it is very distinct, even when served with a cheese. 

2. Violet Goat Milk SoapThe scent is truly like a walk in the woods and it is very mild and yet it cleans and moisturizes as it lathers.

3. Flavored Honeys – Each flavored honey can be paired with meats, breads, crackers, oat cakes or as an ingredient in a recipe. The flavors are identifiable  without
                                              masking the original vehicle.

4. Ceramic Goat Pie Plate  –   This pie plate is deep enough for fruit pies without running over in the oven and it seems to spread the heat perfectly for a golden crust.

5. Ichiban Vase – This vase can showcase the most simple piece of greenery, such as one fern frond.  All of the sudden that single stem becomes the focal point of a room. It seems to bring peace to a place.


Linda Cowan's Favorites (Brent's Mom)

1. Pasta SauceThese taste of the most natural ingredients I have ever tasted...as homemade as it gets.

2. "Light as Air" Goat Milk Eye Cream  - Very light to apply and decreases small lines and darkness.

3. Hand Creams  – They are like hand therapy. Soothes and softens the hands and cuticles AND keeps the nails from becoming brittle in the cold months.


4. Ylang Ylang & Tuberose Bar Soap  – This scent goes perfectly with so many kinds of perfume.

5. Chocolate Covered Goat Milk Salted Caramels  – The smoothest, creamiest caramel I've ever eaten.


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