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Meet The Maker: Megan Hölken

Not only is Megan one of our amazing makers but she is also part of Team Beekman on various levels. She manages the rigorous schedule for Josh and Brent and helps them stay organized with their travel. She watches önder when they are out of town and was a key figure in the production of A Seat at the Table. It was at her commercial kitchen where all of the food in the book was made and photographed.

Where are you based out of?

My commercial kitchen is in Sharon Springs, NY

What item(s) do you make for Beekman 1802?

I make 18 products: (click on the link to be taken to our online Mercantile if you’re interested in trying Megan’s products) Champagne Jelly, Coffee Jelly, Sun Tea Jelly, Chai Jelly, Matcha Jelly, Christmas Tree Jelly, Appalachian Trail Mix, Around-the-World Hot Cocoa Spice Kit, Scoville Chili Spice Kit, 19th Century Spice Kit, Dog Biscuit Mix, Shortbread Cookie Mix, Flapjax Mix, Steel cut Oatmeal Mix, Apology Pie Mix, Goat Fudge Cookies, Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix, Salted Caramel Cocoa Mix and a couple of other products that are in development right now.

How did you get started? 

Beekman 1802 needed more products that were “Made in Sharon Springs” so I work along with Brent & Josh to create small-batch artisanal food items.

Is this your full-time focus or is this a side gig?

This is a side gig. I also help Josh and Brent with maintaining their schedule and travel. When they are on the road, önder stays with me.

Is there something special/unique about your process? 

I use only the highest quality ingredients in all of my products.

How long is the process of making the product/piece? 

Some products are more involved than others. For example, with the goat milk fudge cookies, first, the fudge is made and set to cure and then crackers are hand-dipped in chocolate, salted and added on top of a fudge square and hand wrapped. I usually devote a day to do one product run.

What did you want to be when you were little? 

I have always loved animals and dreamed of becoming a veterinarian.

If you weren’t doing what you currently are, what would you be doing? 

I would be traveling the world enjoying life!

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