This is a post of pictures of baby goats in holiday sweaters.

I don’t think we really need to add any additional explanation.


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by Josh and Brent

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not impressed by the webmasters inability(?) to rotate photos. Maybe you wanted the unprofessional look though since doing so would be so very easy. My neck hurts. Love you guys and the goats, but seriously – need that fixed. 😉

Patricia Sannwald

Omg ( oh my goat). They are so cute. Where did you find the sweaters to fit them,?

Kate's Daughter

Oh gosh! Great photos! I’ll take the entire series as notecards please! Or, as Christmas greeting cards!

Deborah Poston

These are adorable. I never thought of putting sweaters on my goats when they were kids. I think it would be awesome if you could do a calendar with your goats or Holiday cards. Bet they would be popular.

Anna Prochaska

I just won a basket of your products, i”m very happy about this! The products smell wonderful.

Maryloui Butler

These photos are wonderful. Why don’t you make some Christmas cards out of some of the prints. That would be wonderful. Think about it, PLEASE Love those little kids. GramB

Margaret Macali

Adorable baby goats! First met them on and now get to see them here. Enjoy the ability to visit them on goat cam, purchase the goat cheese and enjoy the farm from home. Thank you