Effective, Clean Ingredients. Let Your Skin Drink It In.

After 12 years of research, we turned our expertise to Clinically Kind™ Skincare. Our probiotic formulas, transforming textures, and sensorial experiences help cultivate beautiful skin. It's clinically proven skincare for every skin type that nourishes and protects your skin and its microbiome for a look and feel that's hydrated, clear, radiant, and more resilient.


The Triple Milk Complex

Our proprietary blend of milk-sourced nutrients

Our Triple Milk Complex, found in all our skincare products, supports, nourishes and protects the microbiome, bringing it back into balance so your skin can bloom.

Goat milk with the same pH has human skin and high in lactic acid, works as a delivery system for healthy nutrients.

Our milk-based probiotic lysate, feeds your skin’s microbiome to keep it healthy and balanced with a daily dose of probiotics.

Colostrum, also known as “golden milk”, is rich in proteins and minerals to deeply nourish and strengthen skin.

Boost Skin Health

balances pH of skin

Controls Oil & Clears Pores

with the help of lactic acid

Long Lasting Hydration

to cultivate healthy skin

Fights Dullness

and uneven skin tone
Our Active Botanical Blend
carefelly selected, scientifically proven, inspired by the goodness in our garden
Comfrey The Healer

Reduces inflammation & boosts cell growth

Blue Thistle The Brightener

Lightens dark spots & fights irritation

Chamomile The Calmer

Calms redness & improves skin texture

Cucumber The Cooler

Cools skin, reduces inflammation & boosts cell growth

Aloe The Hydrator

Moisturizes & soothes skin

Clinically kind™, lab tested skincare