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Our Iconography Explained

Our Iconography Explained

Beekman 1802 believes in simple things done very well. Investing in high-quality products provides our skin with essential nutrients that assist in nurturing our skin. When we are aware of the natural ingredients used to formulate a product, we can be fueled with confidence.   

Our skincare products have always been clean, and we have always had our own standards of blacklisted ingredients. One of the main reasons why we have always used goat milk as the base of our products was to limit the use of synthetic ingredients commonly found in skincare such as siliconepetroleum jelly, and mineral oil.   

For over a decade we’ve dedicated time to formulate top-shelf products simply because this is what we’re passionate about. We learn as we grow, right? As we learn, we are consistently adapting our skincare to match our values and knowledge. This summer we are launching a new skincare line that enhances our clean skincare values even more than we had before. 

You've always been able the feel the difference in our products. And with our new iconography, you'll be able to see the difference right on the package. Our formulas have, and always will be, made the simplest, cleanest, and best ingredients for you. When you see these symbols, know that it's our promise to always stay kind to you and the world you live in. 

When it comes to our new skincare line, you’ll always be able to see that we are: 


Alcohol is a common ingredient used in beauty products. It is used as an anti-bacterial agent and acts as an astringent to help your body tissues shrink to control secretion. However, when used daily, alcohol has been proven to remove the lipid barrier from the outer layer of the skin (stratum corneum). Without these lipid barriers, our skin cannot perform its basic functions like prevent excess water loss. When our skin becomes damaged, that’s when it becomes irritated or inflamed. Alcohol can also be incredibly damaging for  young skin (like children and babies) and can cause a burning sensation..  


Sulfates are common ingredients in household cleaners, but that doesn’t mean they should be used to cleanse your skin! Similar to alcohol, sulfates can cause water loss in the outermost layer of the skin by decreasing your skin’s natural ability to moisturizeAs a result, sulfates on the skin are linked to dryness, eczema, and scaly skin.  


Go ahead and spritz your favorite perfume onto your body, but there is absolutely no reason for fragrances to be in your skincareMany fragrance ingredients are known as weak allergens and may cause sensitizations, allergies, and skin irritations.   


Our new line is Leaping Bunny certified. The Leaping Bunny symbol is a certification which means that our entire process of creating a product from start to finish is not a part of animal testing on cosmetics in any way. We pledge to not harm other beings in the making of our skincare. 

But doesn’t Beekman 1802 use goat milk? No worries, the goat milk is ethically sourced from happy goat mommas living on family farms with plenty left over for their kids. 


Phthalates are chemical components that are the primary element of plastic. (Yikes!Even though phthalates are a common ingredient in many skincare and cosmetics, there are studies that are linked to hormonally mediated diseases like endometriosis for women.   


If we can’t be 100% certain how our ingredients are sourced or what the side effects are, then we prefer not to have it in any of our productsTalc has been linked to many diseases such as ovarian cancerstomach cancer, respiratory distress, and asthma. Historically, talc has been known to be contaminated with asbestos through the way it was mined. Asbestos has been further linked to lung cancer and mesothelioma. Although modern cosmetic talc powders have been tested to be asbestos-free, it is still a controversial ingredient that we choose to leave out of our formulas.  


Parabens are known to warp your hormones (seen as endocrine disrupters)Studies have linked parabens to artificially imitating the natural hormones in your body, fooling it to over- or under-produce hormones. This can lead to developmental disorders, cancerous tumors, and interfere with your immune, nervous, and reproductive systems.  

Synthetic Colorants Free:  

Synthetic dyes are chemical additives used to change the color of a product. Although they look beautiful, they won’t make you feel beautiful. Synthetic colorants contain benzidine, a manufactured chemical that has been proven to cause cancer and has a toxic effect on the bladder. Synthetic colorants dissolve easily in water and penetrate the skin, causing allergic reactions, cancer, and eye irritation. Along with dangerous effects on our bodies, the production of synthetic colorants has been proven to be a major environmental hazard. If the release of synthetic colorants is harmful to our ecosystem and our bodiesthere’s no way we needed to include it in our formulas.   


Formaldehyde can be found as a preservative in many consumer products. Unfortunately, it has been linked to causing hypersensitivity reactions in your immune system. Simply put, products containing formaldehyde are a threat against your body. For some time now, formaldehyde has been considered to be carcinogenic (able to cause cancer) to humans. Even if concentrations in cosmetics are very low, formaldehyde is still present in a large number of products whose use occurs frequently and can compound into detrimental effects. 

Allow knowledge to be your asset when making informed decisions regarding the health of your skinWe have worked tirelessly to avoid specific ingredients that could harm your skin and limit your ability to embrace your Skinversity. We did all the heavy lifting for you. As long as you practice a healthy skincare routine, with clean ingredients, based on knowledge — not fear, your skin is going to be great.  

At Beekman 1802, we are proud of our accomplishments but are continuously innovating for the future. We hope that our products show each Neighbor a moment of kindness because loving your skin is in. We are excited to launch our new line but also look forward to what the future holds, especially in nut-free, gluten-free, and lactose-free ingredientsWe learn as we grow and are especially thankful for the Neighbors who helped us get this far.  


We want to provide each Neighbor as much accurate information as possible. However, nothing in this article or featured on The Spill is meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any ailments. When in doubt, please speak to your physician or dermatologist. 


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