There are as many ways of cooking scrambled eggs “correctly” as there are chefs in this world. Some insist that you must start with a blazing hot pan, some lecture that adding additional liquid will make eggs rubbery, some claim that the secret to perfect scrambled eggs is in the wrist movement.

I think they’re all nuts.

There’s only one way to make perfect scrambled eggs…

The easy way.

I’ve tried nearly every possible technique and add-in. And I’ve learned that, really and truly, the simplest, laziest way results in the most velvety AND flavorful eggs. The method is simple…cold pan, cold butter, eggs cracked directly into the pan (no whisking in a separate bowl,) a little milk, salt & pepper, slow cooking and finishing the cooking away from direct heat.

That’s it. No extra bowl or whisk to clean, either. Sometimes, although rarely, being lazy does pay off. Check out my easy technique below, then post any counter-arguments in the comment section. (Not that I’ll listen.)




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  • By: kasey

    You will not find any lighter or fluffier scrambled eggs than these my Mom taught me to make. These take a little longer than scrambling in pan. The time is worth it. They are creamy, fluffy and light. The secret is cooking them slowly over low heat in a double boiler. They are truly decadent and adding cheese or herbs only increases that magic.

  • By: Marilyn Dutkus

    This was also actor Rock Hudson’s favorite way to scramble eggs. He called them “Greyhound Bus Stop Eggs” as at a short order diner in a rushed bus stop they would just throw the eggs on the grill and scramble ‘em. It’s my favorite, too.

  • By: Sheila

    Thank you for confirming my minority opinion that the best pan scrambled eggs are not scrambled in advance and then poured into a pan – they’re scrambled gently in the pan. My favorite.

  • By: Debbie

    You have forever changed the way I make scrambled eggs – AMAZING! THANK YOU!

  • By: Michael Spencer

    I was skeptical as I started, but I thought, “Josh wouldn’t lead me astray.” And I was right. Delicious!

  • By: Donna

    All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast. ~John Gunther

    • By: Bethanie

      That was recipe not recipient:). Gotta love the auto correct on the iPad.

  • By: Beth

    I’m pretty lazy when I scramble eggs too. I heat up my wok coated with olive oil and cook the eggs quickly. My kids call them “hibachi style” and love them.

  • By: Midge

    The best eggs ever… my husband said when I cooked them for him….and I am not a very good cook. Love this recipe

  • By: George

    Thanks Josh , can’t wait tryto try this simple , easy, ok lazy egg recipe this weekend for guests. Thank you, I’ll let you know how they turn out , they sure look good. George

  • By: Sarah

    My mother always cooked our scrambled eggs slow like this recipe. My Dad wouldn’t eat eggs overcooked. I’ve always done them like she did. Nothing tastes worse than overcooked rubbery eggs.

  • By: Ken Trulock

    Wow! What a difference in the tatse! I added fresh vegetables which also worked well. Less clean-up too! who doesnt like that? :)

  • By: Betsy Bowman Burtis

    Hmm. Not entirely convinced. I liked the flavor, but not the texture. They did look like yours, but I guess I like a bigger curd. I love the concept of doing all in one pan, so I will keep playing with it and see if I can come up with my own favorite. My mother makes the perfect “French” style egg. Creamy and velvety, but a bigger curd. It’s the only thing she makes better than me and it makes me crazy!

  • By: 1chicken

    Only one….change the milk to heavy cream, and that’s MY idea of perfect scrambled eggs.

  • By: CJ

    tried it one weekend and my family LOVED it… they thought I invented it myself. thanks Josh (and Brent) for sharing.

  • By: Kim

    Made these eggs for bkfst today. The only problem was I did not make enough. Delicious!

  • By: megansmith25

    Anxious to try this! At what part in the process should I add mix-ins (like cheese)??

  • By: Karen

    My son is on Weight Watchers so I tried your recipe with Egg Beaters and waited for his reaction. He turned to me and questioned “are these real eggs?” I said no but he insisted that they tasted too good not to be. Thanks for the tips.

  • By: Laura

    any tips for those of us not fortunate to have gas stoves? I put it on low “1″ on my electric stove and 10 mins later still very runny. how low is “low” and how slow is “slow”?

  • By: Stacy E

    Tried this for the first time tonight. Exceptional! I put a little cream cheese in too. They were buttery and rich… so good. Some applewood bacon and sweet, delicious crepes. Delicious. Thank you!

  • By: Vicki Norris

    This is the way my Dad taught me and I agree that not only is it easy, but yummy!

  • By: Kirsti Stephenson, RN

    Just to let you know I made these tonight and crumbled some bacon over the top. They were, well, over the top :) Loved ‘em, thanks for sharing your recipe!

  • By: Jeff Smith

    Can I use whipping cream – use it with French toast made with croissants?

  • By: Carolyn Newbold

    In Colorado we call this a ‘ranch scramble’ I don’t add the milk but will frequently toss a handful of fresh spinich and/or other vegetable, cook briefly, add fresh eggs and finish the Beekman way. Love it!

  • By: Jessica H.

    I’m curious to know how they don’t stick to the bottom of the pan (even with the added butter) once the pan heats up?

  • By: Donna Thompson

    Never tried making scrambled eggs this way. Will give it a try the next time i fix them. Any style eggs taste better if their fresh from under the hen. Have you seen the polk dot pie over on pinterest ?

  • By: jonnnyareyouqueer

    I have always cooked my eggs like this after hearing Rock Hudson used to do them this way and referred to them as “Greyhound Bus station” eggs, after the way they were cooked in the little diners back in the day. But I never know how to ask for them in restaurants, so I usually just get overeasy. I detest when they cook them to the point where they brown. Ugh!


      Just ask for them “scrambled soft” or “scramble lightly”. May not get the butter, but the texture will be better

  • By: Pat

    I’ve been doing it this way for truly is the very best way to make them!

  • By: Kristen Johnson

    I’ve been scrambling my eggs this way for years! (Without the butter in a nonstick pan.) Why waste the extra dishes when you don’t have to? Viva la Lazy Eggs!

  • By: Gladys Pizarro

    Hi Josh & Brent
    I try cooking the eggs the way you did & finally they came out the best way ever !!!
    thank you guys so much.

  • By: macwhatley

    My 20-year-old son, the weight-lifter who regularly eats 4-6 eggs per day, tried this approach after I made him read your post. It worked perfectly and he was shocked how much better the eggs tasted than the way he does it (granted, his way usually involves scorching…)!

    • By: Janice Johnson Nelson

      WOW I was thinking of just this but never did it until I read these and cannot believe all the on going comments STILL about scrambled eggs! Yikes ! :-)

  • By: Sheryl Williams

    Tried your scrambled egges this morning. Haven’t used milk in a long time. Nice change. Of course, it didn’t hurt that our hens provided fresh organic eggs. Your recipe and our eggs a great combination. Thanks, how’s life on the farm full time?

  • By: Kurt Gerhardt

    I “heart” the Beekman Boys. That’s a perfect scrambled egg recipe. Thanks.

  • By: Bruce Button

    I’ve made in a similar fashion before, but this came out great! I only added some American cheese to them to replicate one of my guilty pleasures, Waffle House’s Cheesy Eggs.

  • By: joy wood

    josh, i agree with this completely. this is how i do my eggs. so glad you are home on the farm all the time now. yeah. love everything you two do, the website is a joy. seeing both of you on that show, what fun. two of the smartest guys in the country. cute as a button too. one week, you are my fav, then it is brent. as you can see, i am too lazy to capitalize, maybe that is why i do eggs the “easy ” way. take care. joy wood

  • By: Leigh Shearin

    Dear Oh Dear. I’ve adored you guys for years… but I’ll wash your extra bowl for you…<3

  • By: Robin

    I love this. You’re exactly right, Josh. You can actually taste the butter in the eggs when you scramble this way. Have we mentioned how terrific it is that you’re in Sharon Springs full time and you can write more on this website? Thanks for this tip. Now if you can just explain to me how to consistantly shell a hard-boiled egg without destroying the white….

    • By: Janice Johnson Nelson

      Yes I now do my eggs this way all the time but yes how do you peel a hard boiled egg easily ? I hate doing that.

      • By: Pat

        Older eggs will peel easier than fresh ones..I run cold water over them after I’ve drained the pot, and shake the pot to crack the eggs, letting cold water run between the egg and better than any other method I’ve tried.

      • By: Thom Anderson

        Peeling a hardboiled egg has more to do with the way it is cooked than anything else. First, take a pin, needle or push pin and put a small hole in the larger end of the egg. Put the egg in already boiling water and turn the heat down to a simmer. Boil no longer than 12 minutes, take immediately from heat and run cold water over the egg. Let is cool in the cold water. It will peal easily and will not have ‘green sulpher’ residue around the yolk.

  • By: Linda Brackett

    Wonderful as I use my boys free range chicken eggs. Question….they also have ducks, do not keep the eggs, do duck eggs taste different than chicken…i.e…a stronger taste?

    • By: Dr. Brent

      Hi, Linda. Duck eggs are delicious. Usually a little richer and creamier than chicken eggs

      • By: Linda Brackett

        Thanks for answering… I tried the eggs …amazing..really works…does it feel wonderful staying home and only taking that train for fun trips?

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