You Should Read Poetry in Bed to the Person You Love

by Brent Ridge


You should read poetry

In bed

To the person you love



You will see things

That you have not seen

Before or

For a while


The light in their hair

The color of their eye

The blush of their cheek


You should read poetry

In bed

To the person you love



You will hear things

That you have not heard

Before or

In a long time


The little creak their right elbow makes

The brush of eyelashes as they blink

The rhythm of their breath just before they sleep

And start to snore


You should read poetry

In bed

To the person you love



You will feel things

That you have not felt

Before or

Perhaps ever


Your heart swelling so much it might burst

Your brain suddenly filled with everything and nothing

Your toes curling


You should read poetry

In bed

To the person you love



You will know things


The words that you always wanted to say

But couldn’t




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  • By: Angie Falzarano

    Dear Brent,
    I loved your poem. Your imagery within the poem allowed us to see in our hearts mind our loved one laying bed next to us as we read. Having been one who also writes poetry, I can appreciate the love and heart you put in each word. I can picture you reading to Josh. I was first introduced to you by watching Amazing Race. With each leg I could see your love for one another. You didn’t go at each other screaming. You talked. I think I saw one time you were a little frustrated, but it really wasn’t at him. You both showed the world your love when you crossed the finish line and Josh grabbed you and gave you a kiss. In a country where people stil looks at what a person is instead of who you are, you guys showed that you were just two people very much in love. All my love to you both.

  • By: jessicalynnlang

    Love the repetition in this piece. The poem is so heart warming. It captures the spirit of poetry—capturing every little detail.

  • By: Heather

    Happy Valentine’s Day. A timely reminder to pack the Pablo Neruda Love Sonnets for this evening… wish me luck.

  • By: Barry

    Well I thought this was so Nice I read it to my partner last night, in bed, with the winds blowing outside, cuddle to each other for warmth……his reply “whens that bread from those two guys going to be ready?” …. the way to my mans heart is really through his stomach,
    thanks for all you do !

  • By: Susan Stephenson

    So, Beautiful. So vivid. I felt as if I were there in your soul as you experienced it, perhaps because I too have such a love.

  • By: Polly

    Love this! Thank you for sharing. Happy Valentine’s Day to you both.

  • By: jeda (jpdf)

    Beautifully written… Thanks for sharing the love, Dr. Brent! Happy Valentine’s day to you and Josh 🙂

  • By: Susan Barnett

    Really lovely and moving, Brent. I’ve never had a love like that in my life, unfortunately, but I’m glad you and Josh share that kind of meeting of souls. I do envy you, but I’m happy for you as well. You’re both very romantical!

  • By: Teri

    that was beautiful, Brent. we need to read more of your poetry!

  • By: Jim Atwell

    A splendid love poem, Brent, but don’t you hate using “their” to take refuge from “his” and “her”?

  • By: Beth

    I love this. I’ve been sorting through all of my books lately and giving away most of them. There are only a couple poetry books that I am keeping. Those are the ones that spoke to my heart in a deeper way. It is important to look at the person you love with fresh eyes from time to time. You fell in love for a reason. Appreciate them & love them for what they are (creaky elbows, snores and all). Very beautiful. Those Beekman Boys are simply fabulous.

  • By: Kara

    I love this – and I love reading everything about your life at the Beekman Farm with your darling Josh. SO happy that the two of you can finally be together – all of the time!

  • By: Tim

    Dr Brent–You surprise me at every turn-I knew you were brave and determined-but to fight for your love by exposing your heart in the poem is heroic! Bless you both Beekman Boys!

  • By: nlforst

    It looks my comment didn’t go through because I think I posted right as the site went crazy 🙂 So i’m trying to remember what I had said.

    I think I said something about how wonderful this poem is how I just want to pick up a good book and go cuddle underneath the covers right now.

  • By: Brooke

    Beautiful. I hope to find that crazy wonderful love again someday. Thank you. Xo

  • By: Bill McVay

    Hi Brent & Josh,
    love the poetry!! i hope to have someone special again one day to read too.. I love you guys also and Farmer John…

    Happy Valentines…Bill

  • By: Robin Meek

    We could see by the way you would look at Josh during the amazing race, how much you loved him.

  • By: ConnieW.

    Oh my God, so beautiful i cried at the last verse. You and Josh amaze me, and I envy the life you have. Thank you for sharing that with all of us. I will print it out to save.

  • By: Linda Rice

    Beautiful…just as you both are. Absolutely makes me think of the 40+ years of listening to my husband snore, watching his face as he sleeps, and making those little jerking motions with his feet when he is dreaming! Amazing how 40 years can go by so very quickly. Sincerely hope we have 40 more years! Love to you both, Linda Rice, your lady from the South.

  • By: Vitta Fernandez

    Absolutely beautiful!!! Who knew that in this MD there lurked the heart of a bard…I say in the contest…Dr. Brent, you are one ahead! A lot of couples should heed your advice. The love that you both have for each other is very obvious that it makes me smile every time I see your posts.

  • By: lemistral99

    Brent, truly a lovely poem. My husband and I hope to share your journey for many years to come. Thanks you for being so generous with your feelings.

  • By: Tavormina Paulette

    Brent…that is precious…thank you for sharing your poem..a wonderful window to think and wink about the two of you.

  • By: karen

    wow – i just felt my blood pressure go down to a normal rate

  • By: Alice (@BritinTaylor)

    It was really beautiful poem,Brent.You guys are really cherish and loving each other.True love is rare nowadays..Cherish it for the love moment,Brent. 🙂 <3 <3 🙂

  • By: Erin C.

    Really beautiful Brent. You guys were truly meant for each other. True love is rare – cherish it.

  • By: darcell

    Very sweet. Any woman would tell you if their husband does some laundry, the dishes, brings home dessert or takeout when you are tired after running around taming a toddler is a sweet and lovely Valentine gesture.

    • By: darcell

      Brent I was wondering how many more comments I need to make it to the Llama status….. Like Sue T and Terri.

  • By: Wendy

    I love it. It needs to be framed and sold at the Beekman 1802

  • By: minis4ever

    That is jus so beautiful. And all the replys above are so true too. Thank you.

  • By: Prakasha

    How lovely, Brent! This is a poem to cherish, to savor and reread.

  • By: jennifervizzo

    Thanks for reminding me how it once was to love someone so much your heart could burst.

  • By: Bev Nan Murphy

    Brent, dear heart. Oh my goodness! I once had someone just like that and am delighted to know there is someone else in this lovely world who thinks those lovely thought. “Don’t cry because he’s gone; Smile because he happened.” Thank you for reminding me.

  • By: Deb

    Tears in my eyes – as well as laughter with the ‘start to snore’ line. And another ‘tears in my eyes’ moment was the Valentines episode on The Fabulous Beekman Boys. That whole episode was a beautiful gift for you guys to share – thank you.

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