It was just a year and a half ago that we launched our Mortgage Lifter line of pasta sauces.    Thanks to your support, after year one we gave away one $10,000 Lift and three mini-lifts of $1000 each.  (To see which small farms got the Lifts, click here).

In just that year, the demand grew so large that our little half-acre plot of tomato plants was not going to be sufficient.  We contracted another small farm, Denison Farm,  in upstate NY to grow out 5,000 lbs of Mortgage Lifter tomatoes this summer.

And the harvest has just started.  Take a look:


You can get your own jar of Mortgage Lifter (or a variety pack) and contribute to this year’s award!

25% of the profits of every jar go to help another small farm make it to the big time!

by Josh and Brent

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Never saw that many tomato plants in one place ever! Amazing and fabulous, Beekman Boys!

Cary Bradley

Congratulations on this successful campaign and the sharing it represents! Humble word of caution. Please keep in mind the important adage that diversity in organic gardening spells success. A goal of 5000 pounds of Mortgage Lifter is great, but if ML doesn’t do well next year, all could be lost. With that said, kudos to your hard work, smart minds and generous spirits. 🙂


Love the pics! I am going to slice up a big tomato that I grew myself and have it with my lunch, because these pics made me hungry for tomatoes! And feeling like spaghetti for supper now! Theres such satisfaction in growing tomatoes and other foods and eating what you grow. You know how its grown and dont have to worry about pesticides and herbicides, its good wholesome food, its how we were meant to eat, it always tastes better than what you get at the grocery, and will make you healthier instead of putting you in the grave like all the processed stuff with the chemicals, the salt, the added sugars, fats, dyes, etc.. If we eat the foods that God gave us, we will be ok! The food that comes from the soil. Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and animals that get THEIR food from the soil. Whole foods. And organic is the way to go. A little more costly, but the more of us that buy organic, the more the prices will come down, I imagine.

Patricia Feiesen

All fabulous farms plus one of my favorite…..9 Miles East! I have a farm share with them and have delicious and the freshest home cooked meals delivered every Sunday afternoon! Try again next year guys!