We had a little fun (at your expense) on Facebook the other day. We were launching our newest flavor of jam, (“Midnight Jam,” blackberry & black currant,) and we were reminded of this old Carol Channing musical number from the 1985 made-for-tv version of Alice in Wonderland (skip to 1:47 for performance):


We thought we’d sponsor a fun little contest to celebrate the jam launch. We offered three free jars of jam to the first six people who posted a video of themselves singing (or lip-synching) and dancing to Carol Channing’s Jam Tomorrow song.

To be honest, we really didn’t think anyone would be that brave.

We totally underestimated your courage. And your sanity.

Here were the first six entrants. And they’re all winners. In a manner of speaking, at least. ┬áTo purchase our new Midnight Jam, click here. A portion of the proceed may go to therapy for these folks.

jam contest 1Midnight-Jam-Blackberry-Black-Currant-with-Fruit-Jam


by Josh and Brent

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What a fun little contest! I’m glad I had the time to watch these awesome videos! Mike’s voice was spot on! Lucas has the best use of great hair (imho)! “Jamming” looked like he was having a musical breakout during a boring day! Mom & Daughter are always going to remember the day they went Channing Crazy in the front yard! Mom & Adorable Kids looked like they do fun videos quite often and I’m a bit jealous! And John made best use of Jazz hands! Glad they all won… they deserve the sweet jam!