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THE VILLAGE OF SHARON SPRINGS was founded as “New Dorlach” in 1797, only five miles away from THE BEEKMAN MANSION, and only five years earlier. Through the second half of the nineteenth century, and the first half of the twentieth century, Sharon Springs was one of the most famous spa destinations in the world. It was once called “America’s Baden-Baden.”

Three separate mineral springs  – magnesium, iron, and sulfur – can be found along it’s one short main street. It’s a rare geological occurrence not duplicated anywhere else in the world.  Once word spread of the waters medicinal properties, the rush was on. By the end of the nineteenth century over sixty grand hotels and rooming houses accommodated over 10,000 guests each summer.

Fortunes changed after the depression with the advent of automobile travel. Gone were the days of summer-long vacations in all-inclusive hotels. Now small cottages and cabins dotted the new  Western Turnpike, (or Route 20), which became overnight rest-stops during longer auto tours. Most of the larger hotels either burned or were abandoned, although many of their hulking frames still exist today.

In 1996, The American Hotel – one of the village’s prettiest and oldest structures – was refurbished to it’s original condition and reopened as a working hotel and restaurant.