There must be something in the water ’round here.  Everyone seems to be fabulous in one way or another.

Meet our neighbor, artist Wendy Costa, and enter into her wonderfully whimsical world.


How long have you been doing what you are doing? 

I have been in business since 1987 when I began my adventure into handmade and American made art and design when I was just 24. I have been designing and selling my art for 27 years. I am truly living my childhood dream. Against all odds with this recession, I am able to have a retail store with the incredible help and love and support from Doug and Garth from the American Hotel.


How long have you lived in the Sharon Springs area and what do you love most about it?

I came up to Sharon Springs in 2009 looking for property when the recession hit and we wanted to buy something smaller that we could love and restore and use for our studio and home. Even though I lived most of my life in Berne, NY, I never heard of or visited Sharon Springs. I was thrilled! I found my old Methodist church and parsonage just 25 minutes from Sharon, but I wanted to be part of the chamber and business community there right away.


What is the single thing that you look to on a daily basis for inspiration?

Everyday I am inspired by my opportunity to be self-employed as a woman. My neighbors pitch in during our busy fall season and help with my production, make me meals when I am too busy to cook, and I will never leave this area. My heart is here. The buildings with their history, the people with their slower pace of life and willingness to lend a hand, and the ever changing landscape of color from the seasons inspire me. I am close to the greatest city in the world for art, a hop and skip to Montreal, Boston, Philadelphia and some of the very best markets for selling handmade.


How much longer will your have your pop-up shop on Main Street in Sharon Springs?

My busy season for shows starts October through December, so I will be traveling selling my work until December and I will keep the shop closed. I will re-open in the spring (I think April) with a new plan for my little Klinkhart space as I dream of adding a tea room and larger floor plan, a new line of tights and scarves and a sculptural line I am working on that happened by chance with a customer who visited Sharon Springs and my studio, and that friendship has led to a new line for me and a new direction that I’m thrilled about. I had a great success in Sharon Springs this summer and cannot wait to be back in the spring!

To see more of Wendy’s work click here, and be on the look out for an exclusive collaboration with Beekman 1802 this holiday season!






by Josh and Brent

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