One of the first things we hear when people enter the Mercantile is “I can smell your store from half-way down the street.”

It’s true.  With over 200 essential oils at use in our various products, the eau de Beekman 1802 is enticing.

But essential oils are more than just olfactory thrills.  They can have health benefits, too.

Essential oils are concentrated oils that are captured mainly by extraction or steam distillation of the flower, stem, bark, bud, leaf or root of the plant. It is the “blueprint” of the plant containing all of the protective and plant-sustaining properties that help it to survive and thrive.

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of these essential oils. Research has shown that oils contain a variety of benefits for the skin, mind, and general physical health. Some benefits reported include pain relief, immune support and mood enhancement.  A few very popular oils you may already be familiar with are peppermint oil, which can be helpful with headaches, eucalyptus oil for clearing of the respiratory passages, and chamomile oil for its calming effect on the mind.

Essential oils enter and affect the body and mind by two main routes.  These are the olfactory system (inhalation) and integumentary system (skin) via massage or application.

To receive the whole health benefit of the essential oils, care and consideration must be taken to ensure the quality and production of the oils.  Just like fine wine, high quality essential oils originate from optimal growing regions known around the world. Climate, altitude and proximity to the sea all influence the growth of the plants as well as the condition of the soil in which it is cultivated to produce the purest product possible.

The mineral-rich waters of Sharon Springs made the village a center of health and well-being beginning with the Native Americans and extending into the modern era.  Cheryl Rosen, a registered nurse and licensed massage therapist who has worked at the prestigious Mandarin Oriental, has recently opened the first spa to grace Sharon Springs Main Street in over 15 years.

At the Spring House Spa you can receive a personal consultation and customized aromatherapy blend prepared just for you using essential oils made with organic or wild-crafted ingredients that do not contain artificial fragrances, dyes, parabens or colors and are not tested on animals.

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by Dr. Brent

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suzanne spina

My other senses are somewhat dulled due to childhood illnesses but my sense of smell is very acute and precise. My home to me must have a certain "home" scent. I soothes me and my family. It is not flowery nor powerful. Artificial fragrances have no place in our home. We love mint and herbs, fresh flowers. I particularly love eucalyptus from my time spent in the Los Angeles area. Scents bring back memories for me, they provide mood and comfort in the home for the spirit and body.

I am big into massage therapy and have been for the past 25 years. I am going to schedule my own for harvest weekend in Sharon Springs. Cannot wait to come up and relax and have fun.