The Beekman 1802 Mercantile

When we started Beekman 1802, we never imagined opening a bricks and mortar store.  The  bricks and mortar of the farm were  all we would need to run our internet-based business.   But as fortune would have it, our little farm-based business continued to grow.  We added more artists from the community as we developed new products, and before we knew it, the basement, the attic, and even the dining room were being used as storage, packing and wrapping spaces.

We initially thought we would find an empty barn or garage somewhere just to use as additional storage, but a walk down Main Street changed all of that.

The old Roseboro Hotel, one of the most imposing buildings on Main Street in Sharon Springs, was sitting empty.  Anyone who has ever dreamed of revitalizing the Main Street in their own town knows that even one empty storefront sends an unwelcoming message.

What could we do to change that?

So much of what we do at Beekman 1802 relies on the history of the farm and of its founder, William Beekman.   William was a senator and the first judge of Schoharie County, but his wealth came from owning one of the largest mercantiles in upstate NY.  In fact, the entire area surrounding the farm was known as Beekman’s Corners.

So perhaps it is fitting that there is once again a mercantile bearing his name.  With a few phone calls, a tight budget, and a little elbow grease, the Roseboro Hotel, at 210 Main Street in Sharon Springs is now the home of the Beekman 1802 Mercantile.

An old sideboard was painted, the back removed and now serves as the checkout counter and storage space for shopping bags
We created our main display tables using untreated hemlock planks and metal sawhorses.
Inexpensive clip-on light fixtures from the hardware store were used as accent lighting
Galvanized metal is used to display product in a way that makes the look of the store cohesive
Our familiar 'Month of" soaps are displayed on one wall in chronological order
The shop is now the only place in the world where the Limited Edition version of our Year in the Country gift set can be purchased
Our woven silk scarves with the signature Beekman stripe are displayed on a piece of fencing salvaged from the farm
When trying on a scarf, customers can use a vintage mirror found in the hotel
We use the store to test out and get feedback on new products before they go onto the website, like our new collection of hand-woven and hand-quilted pillows...
...and one-of-a-kind pieces like this fallen applewood bench
Outside, the Beekman goats can be seen on weekends as long as the weather permits
The porch offers a nice place to sit after the walk down Main Street (and for patient husbands)
We hope you'll pay us and all the other shops on Main Street a visit sometime very soon

For information about store hours and contact information, click here

by Dr. Brent

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Great visit to Sharon Springs yesterday (even with the cold temps). We did a walking tour of the town, had lunch at the American Hotel and checked out the shops. We met Josh and Under at your store. We came as a group of 15 from New Hartford. Most of our group had read the book and enjoyed it.

Jen Greene

Love the show, read the books and follow you on my iPad. A Christmas gift to my three adult daughters is a trip to Sharon Springs. We will be there in mid-May, staying at the American Hotel! Wish we could meet the two of you but I think I read that you will be out on a book tour. So looking forward to seeing the city and all it has to offer!

Carl Thomas

My wife and I enjoy watching your show. We used to run a small farm ourselves. We now live in Sault Ste. Marie, Canada but will try to make it to Sharon Springs to visit your store.


Will be heading to Stormville this weekend and thought of taking a trip to see your store. We are fans of your show and have always wanted to visit. Hope to se you. Jackie

Jeri johnson

I have been watching your show at my Daughter's home in New Mexico while on vacation. Discovered you are located in Sharon Springs. We live in Gilbertsville,NY, so I am already planning a trip to come see your mercantile very soon after we get home.keep up the good work!

Erin Y.

Just found out I'll be about 45 mins away in July when I am traveling for business! Can't wait to stop by the store and pick up some fabulous items!