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The Happy Place Story

A lot of people know our story. We were two New York City guys – Brent was a physician who started Martha Stewart’s Health & Wellness Division, Josh was a best-selling author and an advertising exec – and one weekend, 10ish years ago, we bought our farm in upstate NY.

We took in a neighboring goat farmer who was losing his farm, and when we lost our jobs in the recession, we turned to the goats to save our farm. And they did; it’s how we made our first batch of our famous soap, which led to all our goat milk beauty products. It’s also when we decided we were going to refer to all of our customers as “neighbors.” We believe that we should treat everyone like they are a part of our neighborhood.

Living on the farm has really inspired us to go back to the basics of natural living. (Our Heirloom Vegetable Garden has over 50 raised beds. We grow, cultivate and harvest over 80% of all the food that we consume.)

Now, we try to use Brent’s science background to really understand why and how natural ingredients work — and to make them work better. Yes, there are “natural cleaning products” on the market. But to be honest, we were sort of unimpressed. And because we are a little crazy and because, who needs sleep anyways, Brent put on his mad scientist hat and started studying the latest on natural ingredients and their cleaning power. And he did this for two years.

We came up with our own Beekman formulas of natural Biofectants throughout our Happy Place line.

A bio-what?

Think of it this way. On a counter, you have some butter. You have a couple cups of flour. You have some sugar. There’s salt, eggs. Separately, these are all just ingredients. They exist, independently. You probably wouldn’t just eat a tablespoon of baking powder. But when you whisk it together in a bowl with everything else on that counter, magic happens.

Biofectants are natural ingredients, molecularly formulated to generate the most thorough cleaning power around. Nobody else is using our formulas.

Take a look at the ingredients in the Happy Place Multi-Surface Spray:

  • Water
  • THFA
  • Alkyl Polyglucoside
  • Coco Betaine
  • Cocamide DIPA
  • Sorbitan Monolaurate
  • Sodium EDTA
  • Parfum
  • DMDM Hydantonin

Coco Betaine is derived from coconut and is used to break down grime, grease and dirt. Alkyl Polyglucoside is ideal for cleaning glass. Independently, they all exist to solve a purpose when it comes to cleaning.

Biofectants are created when natural and plant-based ingredients are combined in a way to work more effectively together than they do alone.

Kind of like people.

by Josh and Brent

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Linda Steiger

I feel very disappointed after believing in your story to produce natural nontoxic ingredients to discover sodium benzoate which can breakdown into benzene a cancerous substance, potassium debate a preservative, phenoxyethanol another preservative. None of these ingredients can be termed “natural” as are Water Wipes for instance which have only water and grapefruit essential oil. Why am I feeling betrayed? I thought your products were free of such additives and I’ve bought plenty! Soaps, wipes, face cream,hand cream, lip balm, milk skin conditioner system….literally hundreds of dollars. 😢

Andrea Brant

I love Beekman 1802 products and recently spent the entire enjoyable day with the Beekman Boys on HSN (8-20-18). I purchased most of the products that were made available on the show and can’t wait for the box to arrive. I already use the tub and tile cleaner and it works beautifully.
I also use many of the bath and beauty products….amazing scents and smoothing qualities. I was hoping for The Flower Mkt. Whipped Cream or Lotion to be available (along with the spray fragrance, but, can not find them on the website.

Keep up the good work Neighbor !!! Andrea B.

LIsa Hall Collins

Hi neighbors!
We love our Happy Place items and are ready to try some more. For our laundry, we’re trying to sell this product as we feel better and it lasts forever….I was doing one or two loads of heavy elder dog wash every day and only using one small cupful of detergent. My in-laws and friends had a hard time believing it as they were using chlorine based cleaners that really started bothering my nose/face as well as our dog when I had him there.
Our story with the babe ended two weeks ago. He gave my husband 16 1/2 years of pure love. I had 8 1/2 of those years and Happy Place laundry got those stains removed easily. I wish I were still cleaning after him, but I think he’s out visiting my parents, and my dogs that went before him along with Polka Spot. I told him about all those people and animals to play with as I knew he was going to cross that bridge. Somehow, I wonder if I let my husband down because he wasn’t as prepared as I was, but I’d spent the past two years 24/7 taking care of him, helping him recuperate after a surgery, and he’d spend the evening with me until I was ready to sleep. So, as the 20th arrives which is also my husband’s birthday, my wish is that he would have a great day knowing our Doc was playing and enjoying his BLAACK cheese and drizzles that Doc sent him before he crossed that bridge.
We love our Beekman 1802 neighbors and know that everything we have is made for the better of this planet. Try it all, you too will fall in love.

Rosemary Adamkovich

I have purchased many things from Beekman 1802. My girlfriend and I even went to the farm. Josh invited us to take some vegetables from the garden, and I have to say Josh that was the best carrot I have ever eaten. Getting back to the hand soaps they are wonderful. They leave your skin feel soft and smooth and they last forever. I have also tried their jams and they are great!!! Thanks Neighbor!!!