Why would someone create a high-end furniture showroom in one of the poorest counties in New York State?

This is the question that we’ve been asked before and expect to get asked again.

When we first started remodeling a 150 year old building on Main Street, our goal was to recreate a retail experience that rivaled what a customer would see in any large city in the world. In doing so, we wanted the store to be a destination in and of itself, similar to the way the LL Bean and Stonewall Kitchen shops draw people to Maine and Orvis and Vermont Country Store to Vermont. We wanted something that could lure people to our part of upstate NY.

Now, after 3 years of planning and making, we are so pleased to debut our collection of bedding and home furnishings at the flagship Mercantile in Sharon Springs.  The showroom will be open on weekends and by appointment (tel. 518 284 6039).  The collection will also launch simultaneously on Beekman1802.com and with Bloomingdale’s.

We know that buying a piece of furniture is not like buying a bar of soap or a pot of jam.  Hopefully you will only buy a great bed once or maybe twice in your entire life.  Knowing that our customers appreciate quality over anything else, we hope that the next time you have to make an important furnishings purchase (or hear that someone in your family is about to), that you’ll think of Beekman 1802.






Take a closer look at each piece or to make a purchase, click here



by Josh and Brent

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Dr. Brent

Hi, Cheyrl. Some of the furniture and linens are made in China and India–the only option we have for producing items on a mass scale given the lack of these manufacturing processes left in the USA. However, the exposure and customer base that this brings to all of our artisans at Beekman 1802 is immeasurable.


Agreed, other bed sheets at this price point are generally made in Italy and they are 100% long thread Egyptian cotton. Your site just says 100% cotton and Bloomingdales says thensheets are 200 thread count, and they are made in China per your phone sales rep. Help me understand if the manufacturing quality matches the price tag— looks great just skeptical based on the limited details shared on your site.

Dr. Brent

Hi, Anne. Like all of our products, we are brand devoted to quality and craftsmanship. When we first started weaving sheets, we were surprised to learn that anything above a 200 thread is merely a marketing tactic. There is absolutely no difference. The most important thing is the type of cotton used and the weave structure of the sheet. Our sheets are heirloom quality and meant to be used, loved and passed on. We do produce our sheets in China because it is the only place where we can currently get the hem and stitching details that we incorporate into our designs. Hope this helps.

Melinda Aquino

Brent, your collection is amazing. I know you worked with Martha Stewart for years, and it shows! I’ve loved you guys since I picked up “The Bucolic Plague” in Sonoma years ago, and I’m even more of a fan now! Keep up the excellent work; I love what you’re doing.

Linda Boman

I would like a calendar with pictures of the house, farm, animal and garden. I’ve been checking and hoping for this for a few years. Happy Holidays

Kate's Daughter

Everything is so beautiful. I particularly like the purple bed linen set. Do you think you might ever venture into interior decorating, or helping a customer design a room, or rooms?


Which building on Main Street did you remodel for The Mercantile? Can’t wait to stop in and see it.

Christine Frost

Hi Josh and Brent! Your new collection is amazing! Love the table and I think I could crawl into one of those beds right now! I grew up in the economically depressed area of Northern New York State where farming has been a way of life, but a very tough life. I love what you are doing for your community! God bless you!


Are any of the collection items available for purchase online?

Or maybe you can pack the coffee table/ottoman & rug I like and haul it to Orlando? Just kidding. 🙂


Absolutely FANTASTIC! You guys have “nailed” it! Beautiful collection of furniture and accessories.


Love it all Love you guys and all your babies on the farm you make we want to cook and grow my own food which I just started doing here in palm springs.