Josh & Brent, “The Beekman Boys.” 

Beekman Boys will be on QVC on Wednesday, 4/16, at 8pmEST

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Welcome to Beekman 1802 Farm – home of Josh, Brent, Farmer John, the goats, PolkaSpot and all kinds of crazy creatures. If you haven’t heard of us before, we’re glad to finally be meeting you. We put this article together to help you learn more about Brent & Josh, our company, and our great upstate home – Sharon Springs, NY.

If you’ve found your way to us from QVC, you can learn more about our farm lives by watching The Fabulous Beekman Boys on Cooking Channel, every Tuesday morning at 8:30am. (Click here to find the channel listing in your area) You can also watch the first season of our show on  iTunes, DVD, or Amazon Instant Video

Or you can read all about how we became “accidental goat farmers” and founded our company, Beekman 1802, in our bestselling memoir The Bucolic Plague.  If you’re interested in trying some of our goat milk soaps, cheese, and artisanal crafts, please check out our online store or visit us in person. If you like to cook, please check out all of our bestselling cookbooks.

Here’s a little more about our backgrounds…

Brent is a physician who used to work as “Dr Brent” at Martha Stewart Omnimedia. You might recognize him from his appearances on the Martha Stewart Show. Josh is a writer, who also works in advertising. We’ve been together 15 years, having first met in New York City where we lived full time up until seven years ago. That’s when we stumbled across the Beekman Mansion and Farm in Sharon Springs, NY while on an apple picking trip. We purchased it, and the rest is not only history…it’s our future. Check out this slideshow to find out more. is the hub of everything Beekman.

Here you’ll find great recipes, gardening articles, decor ideas, and can shop for all our products. Please look around a little and comment on anything that tickles your fancy. Share your tips with us too! We can all always be a little more fabulous.

Nice to meet you,

Josh & Brent



by Josh and Brent

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I am crossing my fingers in hopes that your tv show continues! I am also awaiting your new cookbook too. Your first one is fabulous! I have given several of my friends and family this cook book. When are you going to have a local book signing again? I need another personalized cookbook for a gift again. I have recommended this book and would recommend it to all who love to cook. For those who don’t cook, the pictures and presentation are as fabulous as the recipes!


Hi Josh and Brent, I knew nothing of the Beekman Boys and became aquainted with you while watching the Amazing Race. What is truly amazing is that my husband and I really wanted you to win the million dollar prize, however, as you were the underdog for much of the race we had my doubts. My husband and I were unhappy with some of the other players for making such rude comments and trying to undermine you because both of you seem like such great people. But you rose above them all and WON!! A great big Congratulations!! Josh, I hope you have been able to quit your city job and join Brent on the farm 24/7. As I was scanning the Cooking network schedule I saw The Beekman Boys. I had no idea what the show was about so I tuned in and much to my astonishment it was your show. I have been able to watch about 5 shows from 2011 and have really enjoyed them. I hope they will be filming more shows as your business and farm grows. What a wonderful place to live!! Best of luck to you both.


Hi josh and Brent, I have only just watched your winning episode ‘down under’ congratulations! Well done!!, I was thrilled to see you both run into Gotham hall!!


Each week I would cheer you on. Mistake after mistake and I knew you would keep on plugging. You showed so much compassion for one another and the game. I loved how you cheered one another on, even when it looked so grim. You are the bomb. A true testament to others that show poor sportsmanship. I loved you all the way. God speed in your new adventures. A job well done for 2 amazing people.

Darryl E. Waterstraat

Josh and Brent,….Molly and I ran each and every mile with you on the amazing race. we wish you congratulations and good will all the rest of this year and far into the future. We have been fans of your show for years and will continue to watch as long as there is a show. you have showed us your will power and spirit during the race, and although we disagreed with some of the other racers comments about you and their underhanded ways, we see you as great people and someday hope to meet you. We live in a small town north of Syracuse, and you are not that far from us. so maybe we’ll make that trip soon. I have a recipe for you I developed this A.M. and will send it to you It is for a new flavor or fudge I made for my wife Molly this Morning and she wanted me to send it to you. Again congratulations and good luck. Darryl and Molly

Lynda H.

I’ve been Beekman a fan since your 1st show aired. Cheered for you guys every step on the Amazing Race. Josh & Brent, well done! Brent, you deserve the rest & no being on the full time! Love you guys. Congratulations!

Denise Phillips

I love you guys!!! I am watching your show on Netflix with my teenage daughter right now. We both have just fallen for you two and the goats and spot and the whole farm!!! I am very impressed with your business and how beautiful your items for sale are including your first class packaging. I could watch your “The Fabulous Beekman Boys” for days. I laughed I cried 🙂 amazing!!!! Best of luck to you in the coming year. Love from Texas XXXOOO Shabbycat and Hams


I’m so thrilled you won the Amazing Race. I was rooting for you the whole time although, honestly, I didn’t expect you to win. So many times you may have been knocked out….2 non elimination rounds and James and Abba losing their backpacks and 1 passport. Teaming up with Abby and Ryan when you both were on the slow plane….It was all great. I’m so glad for you both!

Walter and Kit

Big fans of your initial show, we met you at a book signing in Portland, OR. THRILLED by the amazing finish of the amazing race !! Congratulations for persevering !


I cried when you won. I watched your show from the very first airing and was thrilled when the cooking channel brought you aboard. Josh I bought your books and still just laugh whenever I think about the baby goats go on Marthas show story. I never miss the amazing race so when I sat down to watch the first show this season I jumped up screaming when I saw you were a team. I am so excited for you and I hope that Josh is now “down on the farm” with brent, the goats,farmer john, polka spot the llama and hopefully NOT a whole lot of drama! I feel like family won and I couldn’t be happier.


Beekman Boys, Bucolic Plague and now Amazing Race?!?! After reading Josh’s days as Aqua, I’m not sure I can contain the excitement! Keep it up Boys- we Love you!!


What else can I say except Congratulations to two very deserving great guys! So happy for you.