This bed is traditional in its shape and form: it is a federal-style bed with a mahogany finish, and the curves and arches are meant to be formal and fancy. Take this traditional bed and do something completely opposite, to make it fresh, fun, and useful in multiple locations. How opposite can you get from stiff and federal? Well, how about letting kids and adults write on the bed? Isn’t that fun? All you need is a few coats of paint and some chalk.

To keep the bed playful yet tasteful, use chalkboard paint only inside the inset of the headboard, where there were nice starting and stopping lines and keep the rest of the bed a shade that fits your room decor. Using a darker color keeps the bed a little bit more rich and still polished, but in a casual way.


For more tips and techniques on giving any furniture piece a makeover check out Furniture Makes the Room by Barb Blair.  Click here.

by Josh and Brent

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