A Very Refined Sipping Game

To enhance your viewing pleasure and to make each and every episode of The Fabulous Beekman Boys as fabulous as possible, we’re going to encourage the playing of a nice parlor game.

Each week, we’ll post a new Beekman 1802 elixir recipe for you to use and give you a new reason to “raise your glass”—to your mouth that is.

Rosie O’Donnell makes a surprise visit to Sharon Springs on this episode of the show.  She’s not known for being at a loss for words, but this spring cocktail might just leave her speechless.

This week the beverage of choice is The Strawberry Speechless (click here for the recipe).   It’s like spring sprung in your mouth

During tonight’s episode, raise your glass every time you hear us say “Rosie”

by Josh and Brent

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centralia heart

This was very interesting. Steve had to fix it up a bit for me, he added more strawberries and a touch of sugar. Delicious. Another cocktail to add to our cocktails on the houseboat nights. Beekman Boys, you are invited to the houseboat!

Brenda Thomson

We have Beekman Boys girl's night. We fix dinner (the menu is based on the Sipping Game beverage), fix the "required" beverage, and our ever expanding group of girls meet at the selected hostess' home for your show each week. We love your show and your ideals!