A Very Refined Sipping Game

To enhance your viewing pleasure and to make each and every episode of The Fabulous Beekman Boys as fabulous as possible, we’re going to encourage the playing of a nice parlor game.

Each week, we’ll post a new Beekman 1802 elixir recipe for you to use and give you a new reason to “raise your glass”—to your mouth that is.

This week the beverage of choice is The Black Sheep (click here for the recipe).

Raise your glass every time you hear us say “Martha”

by Josh and Brent

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Ken Newman

I’ve missed the sipping game…glad it’s back. Hey, is there such a thing as an heirloom cocktail? Possible idea for 4th book? Research would be interesting.


Were we suppose to count? I was busy raising my glass, sipping and yelling 'Martha' (I feel like I'm part of the gang at Cheers!)

David D.

Ooops – 5 more in the last 10 minutes! Total of 26? Thankfully our drinks were watered down.


Wow! Reminds me of The Brady Bunch. But forget Marsha. I want to hear "Martha, Martha, Martha!"