While we’re very fortunate to count several great photographers amongst our friends, we also asked each of our wedding guests to submit their favorite images of the day for us to remember the event by. Here’s a gallery of what they found most interesting, from their own POV…


by Josh and Brent

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Diane Varga

Happy Anniversary gentlemen! Many, many happy years I wish for you. Diane

Ursula & Howard Anderson

CONGRATULATIONS ! We are very happy that you got married.
Though it is a few months late, I will give you the advice I give every couple at their wedding.
Everyone tells you that marriage is 50/50. It is not, it is 100/100. Why would you give only 50% of yourself to the person you love & want to spend the rest of your life with? You each give 100% of yourself to the other & each take 100% from the other. If you do, you will be happily together for the rest of your lives!

Elaine L.

Congratulations! Thanks for sharing these pictures of your celebration. It was a special day when I met you in Copake Falls last Saturday. It is wonderful what you have done for Sharon Springs and the farmers of our country. Thank you. Elaine


Love the pictures, thanks so much for sharing. I wish happiness always. Congratulations!!!!


Love the pics! Was glad to see Marth there and your families, and if I am not mistaken, the two Indian girls from The Amazing Race?? Was anyone else from the Race able to come? Looks like a good time was had by all. Hope it didn’t rain. Saw the rainbow, quite a few umbrellas lying around like rain was expected, and some raincoats.

May God bless the man that married you. It says a lot for his church. All churches and politicians should be accepting like that. Love is love, period. Love in any shape or form can only be good. Its all that matters in this world.

Debbie Andrew

Congratulations you two, so happy for you both, got tears in my eyes just looking at the photos, many years of joy and happiness!!

Gerri Hawkins

Congratulations guys…I so enjoyed the pics of the wedding. Hurray for the Beekman boys!


Dr. Brent and Josh thank you for sharing to us your beautiful pictures and your exquisite ; lucrative and peaceful place that you have; no words that i can discribed. Happy to see John still with you and the beautiful Goats..


Love the pictures! What denomination was the man who married you? His church deserves kudos for being so open, loving and progressive!