There’s too much talk of Bridezillas these days.  Wedding days, and even the days of planning leading up to it, should be memorable.  Instead of dwelling on negative behavior, we want to think about the beautiful outcomes.

While perusing the BHLDN website for wedding ideas, we came across these simple and elegant vases that can be used to hold candles, flowers, pens etc.  Perfect for a country affair.

And we want you to have them!

Win a 3 piece set of these charming hobnail jars from BHLDN and make your summer entertaining sparkle.

All you have to do is tell us in the comment section below what turned out to be the most beautiful and memorable decor element of your own wedding.  A winner will be chosen at random, but the real winners will be everyone who gets to share their great decorating ideas.


by Josh and Brent

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lupe Yvonne Burke

Congrats you two!! happy to heard that your dream came through and praying for you to have an amazing life together forever and ever Amen!! ♥


Well, my wedding is still upcoming (in about 2 months, in fact), but I think the most beautiful element of my best friend’s wedding were the paper flower centerpieces that she made herself and that she let us all take home at the end!

Ginny Sargent

We got married in the 70’s (and yes there was some disco music played and I did take a spin to “do” the hustle. I think one of the things I did was have two wedding bouquets. I had a lovely silk one with my colors that my mother in law made for me. I really didn’t want to loose it so I had a simple real floral one to throw. My silk flowers still are beautiful as they remain under a cake dome. Each time I am working around my kitchen I see them and smile…… 34 years later.


I married a million years ago and wanted a Martha Stewart wedding in the middle of the part of Long Island that didn’t know from Martha. These were the people that didn’t understand when I made my own curtains for my first apartment. So, this was memorable and ultimately, attractive, but not at all what I meant. I worked long distance from LA where I lived via my parents on LI. I told the caterer I wanted fresh flowers incorporated into the cake. Somehow, that was interpreted as your run of the mill layered wedding cake surrounded with bud vases of small irises. No one there knew the difference except me! And we too had an outdoor wedding ceremony with torrential rain up until an hour or two before. Congratulations!


My husband and I married in a hurry (courthouse style) but we had an amazing reception at an Italian restaurant with our closest family and friends. My favorite decoration would have to be our teddy bear cake topper. In spite of the rush my mom found a wonderful cake topper that suited us and I loved it. On another note one of my favorite pictures of the day was of my grandpa with 3d glasses on looking at the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, all dressed up in his sweater:)


I would say nature. My love and I were married aboard the Lac du Saint Sacrement on Lake George. It was where we had our first date! The lake and mountain decor was fabulous. Before we departed the boat, we all were treated to a beautiful sunset. We also had a little rain also to bless us. This year would have been 22 years. He has departed but we remain forever married.

Loretta Fontaine | EcoHappy Style

We had our wedding at a no-frills Boys and Girls Club on Burden Lake, New York. It was called “Camp Adventure”, and nature was our decor. The pine trees were the best. The other great decor we had were real, actual kids! The best weddings, I think, are when kids are invited, too.



When my husband and I were married 27 years ago we were very young and had a very limited budget so nothing was spent on decorations. Our most beautiful decor were the loving family and friends that showed up!

Jennifer Rehrig

We placed lanterns with candles on each table and larger lanterns that matched around the room. Many of our friends and family still have those lanterns and I remember our special day (5 yrs today) everytime I light a candle.

Jen Strand

My wedding is July 13 and I have been scrambling running around getting last minute decore for our Super Southern Nuptials in NC!!!! For the rehearsal dinner we decided to get creative with the table scape’s and constructed them out of reclaimed wood. Basically we drilled 3 in holes evenly spaced along the pieces of wood and planted cactus and succlents skipping every other hole so we can drop a candle in between the plants. I’m so thrilled how Fab it looks, I can’t wait for my guest to see it!

Casey Dokoupil

We wanted to use unique tableware instead of regular plates and cutlery, so we chose plates and bowls made in India from fallen leaves, and cutlery made from bamboo. We found a lot of cheap-looking bamboo forks, but eventually found some gorgeous o Ed that were solid and reusable! Many guests ended up taking them home. These things were unique and made the tables so pretty, and added to the unexpected feeling we were going for. We had a belly dancer too, so I think it was mission accomplished on the unexpected front! HAVE A BEAUTIFUL WEDDING, JOSH AND BRENT!


Your stories brought tears to my eyes. There is so much love and giving in every tale. Thank you for sharing! So Beautiful!

Laura Pizziketti

We didn’t have much money, so at the reception we had hundreds of balloons instead of flowers in all shades of purple, and on each table they were tied to a wine bottle holder that allowed guests to pour their own wine….purchased at a Pic N Save, and given as table favors.

Karen H. Gardiner

Not my wedding, but my son’s: as table decoration and wedding favors, jars of homemade jelly adorned with vintage doilies or chintz amd tied with romantic ribbons. My daughter-in-law and I bonded while making a variety of homemade jams and jellies from locally sourced fruits, and the tables were lovingly scattered with these charming gifts.

Lisa DeVine

I’m in the midst of planning my own diy wedding (August 17). I am using mismatched dishes, glassware and flatware collected from my friends and family. Everything will be mismatched, except for the bride and groom!


a very close friend made my veil with a crown of fresh baby’s breath, lily of the valley, and vines, my mom dried it for me, just beautiful


I hadn’t planned on getting a bouquet since my husband and I were eloping, but that sweet man went out the morning of and bought a lovely mix of red, fushcia, and white roses. With a little silk and ribbon, I had a beautiful bouquet. It was a thoughtful, sweet gesture that just made me love him even more.

lynne c saltiel

we were married july 4th weekend on cold spring harbor .we enchanged vows under a beatifully decorated gazebo

Emily Jones

First of all, congratulations on your wedding tomorrow!

When we were married, we handed out pint glasses with our names, a Just Married sign, and the date printed on them. Those were the wedding favors, and were used at the reception. We thought it was a good idea, since we were beer drinkers – wanna-be beer snobs. But what we didn’t count on is the number of people (especially our non-drinking friends and family) who have commented on how much they love using those glasses (4 years later). We’ve had people ask for full sets, people who say they have breakfast with us every morning, people who have wanted to copy the idea, etc. So, even though we tried very hard to have memorable food, flowers, decorations, and entertainment, I’m going to have to say that the pint glasses are what most people still talk about. Simply because they are all still using them for their OJ in the mornings.


It was nice to read through all of these comments to learn about the elements that meant the most to couples. I’m getting married in November and am doing most of the decorating myself (with the help of my incredible family and friends). I have been going to yard sales and collecting bottles to use as table decorations, similar to the ones seen here. I’m painting the inside of some of them and hope to incorporate some single flower stems in a few. We are thinking about placing some of them on small stacks of our favorite books to include a personal touch. We’re also including black and white photographs of our grandparents from each side on the entrance table because none of them are with us any longer or healthy enough to attend. Best of luck to everyone out there planning their wedding as well!


My husband and I had little money when we got married. We had the ceremony in my parents back yard. One end of the clothes line was wrapped in ivy vines and flowers and we got married under it. Every time we are at my parents home we go to the clothesline and share a kiss. Happy memories. P.S. Our family friends supplied a tent to cover the cake and punch. The name of our friends was Turner’s Funeral Home which was printed on the side of the tent. It was a wonderful wedding.

Patricia Handley Swanson

The wedding of my dreams would have been skiing down the slopes in Aspen in a white ski outfit. Alas, it just was not going to happen. So, we did our honeymoon in Aspen instead. Being somewhat practical in my choices for the wedding, I decided on large, Boston Ferns instead of fresh flowers for the church. So, we needed a person to take them out afterwards. My good friend, Kathryn, did the job, and is forever known as our “Ferngirl.” Now 37.5 years late (but who is counting) I do not regret that choice.


For my sister’s wedding shower, we had a tea. On the tables we used old tea pots that were purchased over the years at second hand shops. The flowers were loose wild flowers for a sweet DIY look.

Stephanie Feilzer

Our wedding was all DIY as well due to budget concerns. But everything came out beautifully. Lots of twinkle lights and a beautiful early fall evening helped a lot… but we also had candles in mason jars, we used river rocks to hold the candles in place. The flickering light looked beautiful while we danced the night away! Really excited for you guys!

Dawn Tekler

The location, we were married at the Rockefeller Greenhouse in Cleveland, Ohio. It’s the less celebrated, but as beautiful garden as the Cleveland Botanical Gardens which was under reconstruction at the time of our wedding. h


I’m stealing this from my niece…the recessional song was “All You Need is Love” by the Beetles. It was upbeat and touching. I made my heart feel like it was swelling.

J'nell Avenia

I never had a wedding. I am hoping Tom and I can plan something small yet memorable someday! We wish you all the best tomorow and will be waiting anxiously to see photo footage! 🙂


My honey & I went to Vegas, We were asking for directions & they would not tell us where to get a license until we were a witness for another couples wedding. Got our license. The next day we were picked up by A Tim McGraw look alike in a limo to take us to the chapel . Once inside the chapel, there was Elvis preforming a wedding. Boy how lucky on our Wedding day not 1 but 2 celebrity look alike were with us. Lots of Fun on our Very special Day!! Congrats on YOUR Big Day.

Connie Costello

Our wedding 44th wedding anniversary is on the same day you two will be getting married.Just want to say congrats and hope you are as happy as we are.Our wedding was in a small church in Central Bridge NY with family and close friends.Then we celebrated at my parents home having lots of food and drinks.It wasn’t real fancy but beautiful because of who were there,with some of them who since passed away.So enjoy and be happy.


My entire wedding was a DIY affair! One of my favorite elements was the custom ink stamps I used to add details to things. I found a site online to create the stamps and made several with simple designs (our initials, the date of our wedding, etc) then bought textured paper at a craft store and stamped things like tags for our favors, simple paper fans for guests (for outdoors), table numbers, etc. It looked very expensive and elegant, but I only spent a few dollars (and some time!) on the project.