We consider ourselves lucky to have so many creative friends. So when it came to photographing the wedding, we thought, that rather than go through the hassle of posing for all those canned wedding shots, we’d ask our photographer friends to let loose and capture the day.

We’re going to share a couple of galleries from two of the photographers whom we adore. The first, whom you all know and love as the photographer of the Beekman 1802 Heirloom Cookbook, is Paulette Tavormina. We’ve been so fortunate to have her as a friend and collaborator. She’s an incredible fine art photographer whose work hangs in the greatest galleries around the world. Seriously…check out her “Natura Morta” photographs. They’re brilliant. We had to beg and cajole her into shooting our cookbooks, which she turns into works of art on their own. She caught some beautiful details of our wedding picnic. Thank you, Paulette…


This next photo gallery is from a young man who reached out to us just this past spring. He’s just beginning his career in photography, and has a true passion for it. You know, it takes a certain amount of guts and determination for a kid to contact us from out of the blue, and ask if he can shoot something.

We happen to really like guts and determination. We also happen to like talent and potential. And Kobey has loads of it. So that’s why we asked Kobey Lawton, who’s just out of high school, to be the Official Food Photographer of our wedding. He did an incredible job, and we’ll be sharing all of his food shots, as well as all of the recipes from the day’s dishes in another post. But below are some of the other general shots he captured from the day. If you live in our region, you definitely should look up Kobey to shoot your event. Get him before he’s too famous. 🙂


by Josh and Brent

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David Chalk

Big Fan! I guess I watch you so much on TV and not keeping up with the blogs and posts. I have to ask, did Josh finally make it so he could live at Beekman full time? When are you going to have a renewal of future shows. Love them.

Mary Joyce

Congrats on the wedding, Guys! You two deserve all the happiness this world can bring you. May you have many years with each other as a happy couple.


Hope to see the real deal on Cooking Channel, just ordered your new cookbook. Will wait patiently for a book signing in Phoenix:)


Thanks you, Paulette! The point of view you share through your lens is unique and absolutely lovely! It was great to view the wedding through your eyes.

Tavormina Paulette

Dear Brent and Josh,

It was an honor to spend your special day with you and to celebrate two people that are so wonderful, kind, fun and exceptional people that share the best of who they are with all of us. Bravo to you both..it has been such a pleasure to become dear friends. Love, Paulette


Amazing photos!

I couldn’t view the second album. I don’t know if that was just me or if it’s a glitch. But I figured I’d let you know. 🙂

Rita Tellier

For as long as I can remember my husband and I have written one word on cards and notes. That word is REMEMBER. It covers everything. I feel very safe and loved when I come home and there is a note saying REMEMBER. We have been married for 44 years-8 months-22 days. My wish for you is that you have as happy a life together as we have had. I think the key is to keep quiet about the small stuff and talk out the big stuff. Much love, RITA

jeda (jpdf)

Such amazingly captured, beautiful moments! <3 Congratulations again Brent & Josh and to the whole Beekman 1802 family and friends!!! 🙂

Terry Allison

Absolutely breath taking! By the time I got to the 6th picture I actually was moved to tears with the beauty captured in each picture. What a treasure she gave you with her photos. Thank you for sharing them with the world!

Team Bayview

Paulette has captured details for us that really show all the effort you put in to personalizing the farm for your special day. Your initials and date on the heart shape rock behind the crypt, and Father Kenny standing in his sneakers atop a rock in the field are two of my favorite. Thank you for sharing these precious memories.


Absolutely stunning photos! I hope you are able to make something out of the wooden boards you were standing on. My husband & I were married on a small wooden platform in a garden. When the ceremony was over my brother-in-law cut a plaque from the no-longer-needed step so now we will always have the spot where we were married 🙂


I love the photos of all the feet, the umbrella in the tree and Brent’s hair. But I think my favorite is number 70… to have and to hold.

Suzanne Koba

I understand why you chose her to photograph your cookbooks. Beautiful, just beautiful , as was the whole day. My hands, though, appear much older looking to her camera than they do to me. Lol. Love how it, and all pictures, turned out.

Beverly Nan Murphy

Her florals are museum quality! The butterflies were perfect and I cannot wait for the recipes. Did not know the showers descended, what luck! Wish I’d been there. Out to find those steel toed Wellies. As a matter of fact, I felt as though I were there. Great fun and talent galore.