Recently I sent Josh over to pull some of the wheels of Blaak out of the caves.  After he left the creamery, Bob Sweitzer, one of the cheesemakers who help perfect each batch of Blaak, sent me this tell-tale picture of the tracks that Josh left behind in the ash.

It is true.  Josh does the model walk EVERYWHERE.  If you study the steps above, you too can strut your stuff.

See how it’s done by clicking here

by Josh and Brent

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Connie Wedding

That was so cute! You guys always put a big smile on my face. Thanks for the great show, the good feelings, the laughs, the peek into your lives and your beautiful farm, and just for being yourselves. Love you all.


That is great but, hay No heels…. I was thinking Stilettos and a Carmen Miranda fruit hat strutting in the cave….LOL

Thanks for the post brought a smile to my face.



The adobe player crashed – couldn't see it- will try again later!! But I am sure you perfected that model walk all those years balancing those goldfish!!:>)


I see he is really perfecting the strut! Great job Josh. Hope to see you on the runway soon. : )


I love Dr. Brent. I love Farmer John. I love Polka Spot. I love the goats. I love the television show. But Josh? He's the bomb.


Josh is right,"Most people just shuffle along," and he is also right when he says "it isn't pretty." Thanks to you, I notice that I am now paying very close attention to how I move about. I guess I missed this part of Cotillion!

Sharon Schirard

I Love You Guys *** and of course Josh's Walk Like a Model! You Two Really Make My Me Smile even if I've had a bad Day ***

Darcy O

I'm heading out to Sharon Springs tomorrow for a day out with my 60-something mother. I plan to make her Model Walk the entire time we're there. Shhhh! Don't tell!!

(Also: "I'm pretty like I mean it" has become my motto/daily affirmation/thing I say to confuse stupid people who are annoying me in bars.)

Sherri Sinicki

Thank you so making my Friday…hmmm, Maybe I will model walk my five miles today…