At Beekman 1802 we always make time to appreciate each season for what it brings.  Mother Nature puts on some of the very best shows!

We get inspired every time we walk out the door… and hope that you do, too.



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  • By: Bonny Andrilla

    The photos of the barn are fantastic but the area you have the wreath mounted just crys out for a barn quilt. I made a small version for my shed but your barn would easily take a full size one. Maybe Farmer Johns sister could give you some ideas for a quilt pattern featuring the goats. Google barn quilts to see what they are about.There are some awesome ones out there.

  • By: jeda1981

    Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful and magical pictures, Dr. Brent! I love what you said: “Even buried we know that things are already starting to stir in the vegetable garden.” I, too, believe in this for the longest time <3 We love seeing Beekman 1802 with the ever-changing seasons! 🙂

  • By: Alice (@BritinTaylor)

    All the photos are so beautiful and I’ve been seeing you guys are having so much fun with snow.Thanks for sharing this experience with us!!!!

  • By: Teri

    I enjoyed the walk…….and the best part of it, I didn’t even have to put my boots on !! Loved the pictures, thanks for sharing your lives with us !!

  • By: SeanM from Dorloo!

    (sigh) I miss the snow…
    You’re right about the change of seasons in Upstate NY ~~ always something different to behold. I haven’t been back over a Winter since moving to SC.
    Forget “Wind Chill”, it gets to upwards of 105 ‘with the Heat Index’ here!Thanks Be for Myrtle Beach!(about the time it takes to drive to Albany)
    We do have four dogwoods in the front yard that actually follow the calendar and turn blood-red around (what is generally) ‘peak’ season in the Fall.

  • By: Kelly

    Your farm is beautiful. I love snow, it makes everything even prettier!

  • By: Jane

    My Internet is running again and this is the place I went to visit first! I have enjoyed all the pictures and stories. My snowblower is broken so I too have been walking in the snow…..only with a shovel in my hand! Winter is beautiful here too! Love you guys!

  • By: Beth

    Truly beautiful! I used to dread winter, but have begun embracing it as much as the other seasons. Love Josh’s parents 🙂

  • By: Angela

    Your home is just stunning. I love the pictures of your babies peeking out from the barn! They’re so cute!!

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