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Cynthia Graham

Hello neighbors, I have used Beekman products now for several years and have always been very satisfied. My health is compromised by autoimmune deficiencies. I am treated for R/A, O/A,, Osteoporosis, Ankylosis Sondylysis, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, recurring atypical meningitis with Valley Fever, Fibromyalgia,Myofacial Syndrome, Atrial Fibrillation, chronic pain, neuropathy bilaterally of hands and feet.
I started using your scented lotion in the jar at least 2 years ago an just absolutely loved it for its consistency, not to strong of smell and that it really did moisturize my very dry skin. My average order( which was placed on Evince, I MISS U ON THERE TO PLACE ORDERS.) was about $200. My last order , included 6 jars of the lotion was very changed in cinsistancy. Was not as thick nor as consistent on my skin. I was sorely disappointed is I opened all the jars an each of them seemed the same. PLEASE CHECK into this, I live on disability so it is a huge compromise fir me to treat myself to wonderful pure product. I love your products yet did not like this consistency at all.
Thank you for your honesty !! Sincerely, Cynthia a neighbor from Az.